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What does the ‘double’ mean in video poker?  Double the fun?  Yessiree… but it is so much more than that.  At Juicy Stakes Casino you will find an assortment of high hit rate video poker variants, some of which offer super-rich odds and extra ways to win.  

Cash-In on the Double Phenomenon 

If you want to exploit our cash-rich casino games, read on…  At Juicy Stakes Casino we are known for our diverse selection of games - and that applies equally to the video poker genre.  Not only do we feature unique titles from three key development brands - Betsoft Gaming, Tangente Games and World Match - we offer bonus poker, one of which has ‘double’ integrated into its name. 

The Big Paying Double Decker Bonus Fiesta 

That of course means you can unleash a big paying bonus fiesta on your desktop or phone.  What is the shape and scope of the fiesta?  Well that is based on which of our bonus video poker variants you choose to play - and we highly recommend you give Double Bonus Poker by Tangente Games a go right now at Juicy Stakes Casino!

If you are suitably confused, don’t be and if you think you are seeing double, you aren’t.  Double Bonus Poker is a fair reflection of what the game promises in terms of winnings.  In short, it has the potential to spice up the action right here at Juicy Stakes Casino. 

How, you may ask?  We have alluded to the fun factor, now to the nuts and bolts.  That of course is the data and details about the bonus pays… or as we prefer to say, the extra ways to win!

Benefit from Extra Ways to Win 

In a nutshell, it is aces and four of a kind that you should be gunning for when you play our double-rized video poker game.  Unlike the standard video pokers like Jacks or Better, Aces and Eight and All American that only offer one set of odds for four of a kind - any four of a kind - in our bonus poker and double bonus poker there is a total of four different pays for quads!

Comparison of Bonus Poker versus Double Bonus Poker Payout Odds

Here is a breakdown of what you can win when you play our Double Bonus Poker versus the more conventional but equally exciting Bonus Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino:


Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four Aces



Four x 2 to 4



Four x 5 to K



Full House









Three of a Kind



Two Pair



Jacks or Better



What is immediately apparent is the payouts for the royal flush and straight flush are uniform across the board.  It is the odds for quads - quad aces in particular - that vary from a high of 800 for 5 to 400 for 5… and that is where the major money lies. 

Which is the Best Bonus Video Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino? 

When it boils down to the best bonus video poker, it is not the super-rich payouts that should be the sole focus.  It is the smaller pays assigned to the more easily achievable hands that are key.  Why?  Well a pair of jacks or better has a much higher probability of occurring than four of a kind.  So too does a two pair, three of a kind, straight or flush. 

What that essentially means is the best bonus video poker is the one that has the highest odds for the low to mid-table hand rankings.  Which game wins on that score?  Double Bonus Poker of course.  What stands out in all of this is you can still win double what you would have won on the high paying combinations if you had played Bonus Poker instead.  With Double Bonus Poker it really is a win-win scenario all round! 

How About the Advantage to the House? 

In the context of gambling, the edge does matter.  What is the edge?  It is the percentage of all wagers that is retained by Juicy Stakes Casino to cover our costs.  Each casino game has a defined edge or advantage to the house and the counterweight of the edge is the payout rate or average return to player (RTP).  

The RTP is obviously the remaining portion of all the bets that is paid out to players over time.  Ideally, you want to play the games with the lowest edge and the highest RTP.  With that in mind, which is the best video poker in the bonus category?  Why not see for yourself in black and white?


House Edge

Payout Rate

Bonus Poker



Double Bonus Poker



Play Double Bonus Poker and Win More - In Terms of Both Cash and Frequency!

Now that we have reviewed all the facts and figures, one thing is crystal clear.  If you are going to play the video poker variants that offer a lot more than most in terms of dollars and cents, Double Bonus Poker should be on top of your list.  It has the lowest edge in the category…  

It also offers the best pays for the hands that you have the highest probability of hitting but without compensating on the three-figure wins for four of a kind!  It is, as it were, the perfect gambling choice and one that is readily available right there at Juicy Stakes Casino!


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