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Online casinos remain the best places to play poker during the corona virus crisis.  We still get queries about the rake calculator so we will explain how the rake works and then we will segue into fun things to do before and after you play here at Juicy Stakes Poker.

Why Do Online Poker Rooms Take a Rake?

It is no more complicated than needing a source of income to pay our bills!  The good news about the rake is that we set an upper limit on the rake and that upper limit is $3.  That’s right!  On any pot, no matter how high it is, the highest dollar amount of rake we take is three dollars!

Now, it is clearly true that if you are playing high stakes poker, the percentage of the pot that will become the rake will be a lot smaller than in low stales games.  We encourage all of our poker players to see the rake as nothing more than a minor nuisance.  There is so much to think about in poker that really matters that to become fixated on the rake is simply a horrible waste of brain cells!

If We Shouldn’t Think about the Rake in Poker What Should We Think About?

May we suggest that you think about the rake in terms of gardening?  Yes, gardening!  We are only being mildly tongue in cheek here!  As the corona virus pandemic reaches stage four and soon stages five and beyond, we still need to find ways to get outdoors in the company of a few family members or good friends.

What better way than to spend time in the yard?  And what better way to get the blood flowing in our veins than to do a little gardening?

There are many good sides to gardening!  We bend down and straighten up.  As an exercise, it is decidedly one of the most boring exercises known to man!  But in the garden, each time we bend down and then straighten up, we have progressed just a little bit.

During the corona virus pandemic, many people have discovered the joys of home and backyard gardening.  We have seen flowers bloom, maybe a few herbs grown enough to be harvested and added to eggs, salads, cooked dishes and so on.

Many people who had never used parsley, basil, dill, coriander, thyme, or oregano as seasonings have learned to appreciate the contribution they can make to home cooked food!  Mediterranean cuisine is rife with these herbs and many people have discovered tabbouleh as one of many examples of Mediterranean foods most people had never tasted before!

Dill has many uses aside from pickling cucumbers!

Oregano has many uses other than in spaghetti or pizza sauce!

Herbs are foods that require acquiring a taste for but they are very much worth the effort.

Have you forgotten all about poker rake yet?

Gardening is one way to get outdoors.  Hiking is another!

Where Should We Go Hiking?

We know of an English teacher who asked her class if anyone could explain the difference between taking a walk and hiking.  Everyone knew the difference but only one student was able to articulate it: taking a walk is simply walking while hiking is walking in Nature!

You don’t need special shoes to take a walk but you do need special shoes to go hiking!

Hiking Paths are Close to Everyone!

In the developed world, hiking trails are within short driving distance of everyone.  In the United States, every state has many state parks all of which have good to excellent hiking trails.

Hiking is walking in Nature.  Therefore, it doesn’t require steep climbs or descents, it doesn’t require climbing over or around giant boulders, it doesn’t require pushing against tree limbs or other vegetation.   Hiking requires only a marked path in Nature!

The corona virus has made air travel not only a gigantic hassle but has also frayed travelers’ nerves to the extent that there is more airplane rage these days than ever before!  So, don’t travel by air!  In fact, you don’t need to fly to a national park at all to get very healthy outdoor experiences close to home!

This is especially true of people in every corner of Europe and all of the United States east of the Mississippi River where there are hundreds of rivers, brooks, creeks, rivulets, and other narrow or wide waterways with hiking paths alongside them!

In addition, the eastern United States is home to tens of thousands of lakes with access for boats and boots alike!

There might be no better way to spend time during this long-lasting pandemic than to sit on a wooden deck overlooking a river or small lake left over from when the ice age glaciers melted away, playing poker quietly on the Juicy Stakes mobile poker platform, coffee, tea, or soft drink in hand (no whisky during play) and listening to the sounds of the water, the birds overhead and possibly a “bullfrog calling me” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5V9nK7-OkM - the bullfrog calls at 0:44).

Hiking and Gardening Take Time to Learn

Just as it takes time to learn the ins and outs of poker; it takes some time to get your body ready for some strenuous gardening or hiking. So, have patience and take it easy while your body learns to bend down and rise again and your legs get used to hiking miles instead of yards!

To return to the poker rake for a moment, we contend that if we were to create a list of the aspects of poker that we think players should study well, the list would be quite long as it would include all aspects of position, math, ranges, tells, and much more but the rake would not be on the list!

In the articles we publish every week, we try to put poker players’’ minds in the right place to learn the most about poker and become poker winners in their own right!  Since we pay our bills through the rake, we have no special interest in who wins which pot.  We do hope that everyone reading this article wins their fair share of pots.

We also hope that you will find great ways to spend time outdoors and that you will play poker online at Juicy Stakes Poker!

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