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The key to any bonus, including the blockbuster Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, lies with the rollover.  If you want to playthrough the bonus like a seasoned pro and gain at the same time, here is a how-to guide to help you on your way.

Get Free Spins Bonuses Linked to Different Software Suppliers

At Juicy Stakes Casino, we offer a plethora of player perks headlined by our free spins welcome bonus.  Rather than focussing exclusively on our Betsoft Gaming slots, we regularly feature offers unique to each of our online casino games suppliers, from Tangente and Nucleus to World Match.

Free Game Rounds…

On any given day, in any given week and month, you will find one or more free spins bonuses dedicated to certain suppliers and specific online slots.  That is the first component of the free spins bonus – the game rounds that you can enjoy for free, compliments of Juicy Stakes Casino.

Offset By the Bonus Playthrough

The second component is the rollover, also known as the playthrough or wagering requirement.  This is basically the number of times the value of the bonus has to be wagered at the casino before you are entitled to cash out the bonus-related winnings.

Expect a Restricted Rollover

In nearly all instances, you have to rollover the bonus on online casino slots developed by the same software supplier linked to the bonus in the first place.

In other words, when you redeem a coupon code to release free spins on World Match slots, you will have to bet the equivalent of the bonus a specified number of times on World Match slots, which, by the way, is 30 x across all the Juicy Stakes free spins bonuses.

Why the Emphasis on World Match Slots?

Why do we hone in on World Match slots?  Well, it is not entirely by accident.  In addition to the standard payouts generated during the playthrough, you are awarded our version of comp points, which are called Frequent Player Points (FPPs).

Exploit a Better Than Average FPP Compensation Rate

Not all online casino games are equal in terms of FPPs.  That said, when you play World Match slots – whether as part of a rollover or in the normal course of events – you benefit from a better than average FPP compensation rate.

Earn More Points and Build the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus Chop-Chop

How so?  Depending on the title, you can earn up to 5 FPPs for every $100 wagered on World Match slots.  What is the relevance of FPPs?  Well, firstly, they are an added incentive awarded to all our players.  FPPs are also integral to the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – the core player rewards stack at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Rollover Online Slots and Get a Double Winning Whammy

What that in effect means is when you playthrough a bonus on World Match slots – or any of our other slots – your benefits are twofold, namely:

  1. The winnings generated during game play
  2. The FPPs awarded based on your betting activity

Whether You Win or Lose, FPPs are Constant Rewards

The big takeaway here is: whether you win or lose playing through a free spins bonus, you still get to earn and keep the FPPs.  As you probably know by now, these are the building blocks of the real money Juicy stakes no deposit bonus.

Tips to Getting the Most Out of the Bonus Playthrough

The trick to getting the most out of the playthrough hinges on your online slots selection.  If your really want to make the rollover effective, you have to play the World Match slots with the greatest potential to pay out… and preferably a lot.

To do that, you have to focus on three elements.  Here are the three criteria to inform your choice:

  1. The paytable
  2. The bonus features
  3. Game variance

Fulfil Your Bonus Obligations and Win USD

The main objective of the rollover is to clear the wagering requirements.  When you have done that, you can withdraw the winnings accrued during the free slots spins, if you so wish.

That may be the main objective – but at the end of the day, you also want to give yourself the best possible chance of winning hard cash as you go about fulfilling your obligations.

Select Mindfully and Profit from the Playthrough

When you select your playthrough slots carefully, based on the three elements listed above, there is a good chance you will profit.  Even if you don’t, there are always the equivalent of Lego blocks, known as FPPs, and the resultant Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus to cheer you up!

Why Lady Sheriff Slot is Our Playthrough Pick

Although there are literally dozens and dozens of potentially lucrative online slots catalogued under the World Match tab at Juicy Stakes Casino, one particular game springs to mind – Lady Sheriff slot.  Why do we recommend this slot for free spins bonus playthrough?  It basically meets our three selection criteria… and then some.  Here is how…

Dip into a Juicy Pay Table

In terms of the pay table, this juicy casino slot is a cut above the norm.  In fact, you can win up to 1,000 x the line bet, a payout that converts to $4k when a maximum bet is in play.  Even the medium value payouts are attractive and range from 100 x to 500 x the line bet or $400 to $2,000 when betting high.

How about the bonus features?  Truth be told, they are conventional in terms of standard gameplay, but when it comes to frequency, they are much better than that.

Replicating Wilds and More to Boost the Payout Rate

The standout feature is the replicating wild in the guise of the straight-shooting sheriff.  When our law lady is on the gaming interface, particularly on the fifth reel, the odds of hitting plenty of payout permutations are firmly in your favour.  Then there are free spins and a pick me bonus game, which really can turn losses into gains.

Medium Variance Slot with Lots of Payline Wins Pencilled In

As for the variance, let us put it this way.  You won’t be going on a wild ride but you will enjoy lots of real money action on the reels.  It is definitely a slot on our Juicy Stakes Casino that is worth a spin… or ten!

Our Rollover Recap

When you rollover the free spins bonus with mindful intent, you will have the opportunity to achieve a whole range of positive outcomes, not least of which is meeting the wagering requirements.  What is more, you may just add a few dollars to your betting bankroll and tip your online casino account into the black.

What we can say for sure, is you are guaranteed to accumulate your fair share of FPPs and get ever closer to claiming your free cash Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  Now that has to be a satisfying thought!


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