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Juicy Stakes free spins can be the difference between winning or losing.  They unlock free gameplay, host added features and are pretty much standard in all online slots.  When you find a game that offers more than most, we advise you to hit the heart icon… and hard!

Where to Find #Influencer Slot at Juicy Stakes

Here is a quick hint.  If you want to know precisely what is behind hashtag Best Online Slot, visit the Juicy Stakes Casino lobby right now.  Make directly for the World Match (WM) casino games’ catalogue.  Our recommended online slot for Juicy Stakes free spins is listed at, or near, the top of the page.

What we are referring to is an online casino slots game called #Influencer.  Despite the next gen moniker, it is a standard 5 reel and 30 payline slot.  Emojis, gamers and influencers share the gaming interface with funky anthropomorphised pets.

Along with a wild hedgehog in shades, there is a thumbs-up bonus symbol.  Besides expressing approval, this emoji is one of three major money generators in the game.  One of the other big paying icons isn’t even on the game board.

Huh?  How is possible for a symbol to be an integral part of gameplay off the reels?  Well, in #Influencer online slot the game developers have come up with a creative touch – and that is in the form of a random multiplier bar.  Here is how it works…

Juicy Stake Free Spins and Other Bonus Features

Above the top right of the reels is a horizontal bar with heart emoji eyes.  As the bar randomly changes from white to pink, there is wizardry in the air.  Any winning combinations on the reels at that point in time are anointed with a random prize multiplier of up to 8 x!

Now, let’s back to the juicy business, which is the Juicy Stakes free spins.  As we have already mentioned, the thumbs-up bonus icon is a key trigger.  In essence, it is a scatter.  Rather than simply releasing a free spins feature, it activates a second screen pick me feature.

Your task is to select one of two base game characters.  The actors in the feature are the blonde influencer and the dog.  Depending on your selection, you are randomly presented with a reward which comprises one of the following:

  • A bonus game.
  • An instant cash win.
  • A random number of free spins.

In this context, the number of Juicy Stakes free spins kicks off at five.  During the complimentary gameplay, all prizes are automatically doubled.  As predicted, there is a further surprise.  When one or more symbols featuring +2 appear on the game board, two additional free spins are added to the equation!

The Probability of Winning Playing #Influencer Slot at Juicy Stakes

When we took the plunge into the #Influencer slot at Juicy Stakes Casino, we triggered the pick me feature three times in just over 150 paid spins.  During this test drive, we were awarded the bonus game on two occasions!  The results were as follows:

  • We won $45 in the first bonus game.
  • The second bonus feature delivered a massive $225 payout!

In the final pick me round, we unlocked the Juicy Stakes free spins feature.  During play the +2 icon appeared and automatically increased the free game rounds from five to seven.  At the end of the feature, total winnings were an impressive $187.20.  On all three occasions, the stake was set at a mere $4.50 per spin.

Now can you see why we rate #Influencer online slot so highly?  It is undoubtedly one of the top trending bonus games at Juicy Stakes Casino, with good reason!  The good news is there is more to bonus gameplay than the wild, random multiplier bar, bonus games, free spins and instant wins.

We are of course referring to the third major money generator in the game.  This time, it is a smartphone that unleashes the coinage.  Every time the device appears on the game board, it collects all the gamer icons onscreen.  The gamer is the guy wearing the gaming headset.

When that happens, a bonus is paid out for each gamer.  If you are lucky, you can easily bank two or even three-figure wins.  This feature occurs every 50 or so spins and helps to keep your bankroll in positive territory!  All things considered, the probability of striking it lucky in one way or another playing #Influencer slot is high.

#Influencer Slot Real Money Payout Potential

How does the game pay out?  #Influencer slot may not have the richest pay table at Juicy Stakes Casino.  That said, the line wins are more than adequate in this hashtag influenced slot.  In fact, the top prize in the base game is 750 x the payline wager.  It is the blonde social media influencer who rather appropriately dishes out the largesse.

With a betting range extending from $0.30 to $60 per spin, the most you can win once-off in standard gameplay is $1,500.  What is particularly gratifying about this online casino slot is the nice mix of wins.  You will find both low and high paying symbols create paying permutations on the reels.

Why Play #Influencer Online Slot at Juicy Stakes Casino

  • Random prize multipliers up to 8 x
  • Smartphone activated bonus pays
  • Open ended Juicy Stakes free spins
  • High hit frequency
  • Contemporary game theme
  • Action-packed
  • bonus games
  • instant cash wins

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Do you want to accumulate prizes generated by Juicy Stakes free spins?  If that is your mission, you will find endless opportunities right here at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Besides our World Match online casino games, there are dozens of online slots by Betsoft, Tangente and Nucleus Gaming, most of which feature an infinite selection of Juicy Stakes free spins.

To get in on the action that delivers perpetuating wins, time and time again, all you need to do is sign up and play at Juicy Stakes Casino now!  You’ll have access to our hip and happening game menu, as well as our promotions, which – you guessed it – often include Juicy Stakes free spins!


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