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Many players like the ambience of a live poker room.  Still, we feel that there are many good reasons to learn how to play Texas Holdem by playing online.  Now that land based poker rooms are opening once again, the benefits of online poker are even more salient.  Welcome to Juicy Stakes Poker.

Easy to Find the Stakes You Want

Online poker at Juicy Stakes Poker has worldwide reach and that means that the possibilities are nearly endless.  You can play a lot of games and it is easy to find the low stakes, the high stakes, or the in between stakes that are best suited to your bankroll and your skill level.

It is very unfortunate to travel to a land based poker room only to find that you can’t find a game at the stakes you need.

Playing with the stakes that are best suited to your bankroll, your skill level, and your personality is vital to enjoying playing poker.

Find the Best Tournaments for You

This is similar to the previous entry but it speaks primarily about tournaments and not games per se.  A tournament is a great way to play a lot and learn a lot at very little cost.  You can buy in for as little as a few dollars or play in freeroll tournaments.

Tournaments are fun to play in but their biggest value to many gamers is that they give you an excellent learning environment.  Tournaments also come and go.  That means that you’ll play against many different players.  This gives you the chance to experience many different poker styles and will ultimately make you a much better poker player.

Play against People from All over the World

This is such an important advantage of online poker rooms over their land based cousins!  At a land based poker room, you will probably be playing against players from a short radius from the room.  In Las Vegas, you might find players from much further away but you aren’t likely to find players from exotic foreign countries.  As we saw in the previous entry, when you play against a wide range of players, you get a much fuller poker experience.  This makes you a much better poker player!

Ancillary Benefits

Juicy Stakes Poker is famous for its rakeback promotion.  In addition, we sponsor a very wide range of promotions that include bonuses, tournaments, Frequent Player Points (FPP) and many more extras.  When you travel to a land based poker room, there may be no live competition for that room so they have a lot less incentive to give you ancillary benefits.

Juicy Stakes Poker is always in competition with many online poker rooms so we have a very powerful incentive to offer many extras and we never stop looking for better promotions and other offers for you!

Learn More in Less Time

Online poker is so much more flexible than live land based poker!  At an online poker room such as Juicy Stakes Poker, you can come and go as you please.  If you’re hungry, you can go eat; if you’re tired you can sleep; if you have other important things to do, you can go and do them; if the baby starts to cry, you can attend to her or him.

This is all about flexibility without losing any ability to learn.  In fact, poker at a land based poke room costs players so much money just getting there that many players play on after they should quit.  In other words, playing at a live poker room may in some cases set your learning curve back!

Take Notes

At a live poker room, no one is going to want you to take notes.  You can take mental notes, of course, but for players on a steep learning curve, taking real notes is a great way to learn.

We suggest taking many different kinds of notes.  For instance, you can name your opponents by certain characteristics.  You might find that one player always folds in first position.  Then, if she or he bets while under the gun, you know that they probably have a very good hand, either pocket aces or pocket kings.  This is just one of many insights into the playing habits of opponents that you can gather by taking notes.

Professional players might remember every hand in a night of poker but most of us can’t.  So, taking notes is the best way for most players to “remember” every hand they played or watched in a night of poker.

When you take notes, you can prepare pages for every player and their characteristics.  In other words, you can get yourself well prepared just to take notes.  Instead of jotting everything down, you might simply need to put a check mark in a prearranged box.  By doing something like this, you can take more notes, better notes, more comprehensive notes, and more educational notes.

We are reminded of a college student who was so brilliant that his lecture notes never had a scratched off phrase.  He was able to anticipate the professor so well that he was always even with the lecture.  He never had to “catch up”.

His pals at school used his notes to do their own catching up!  By taking the most comprehensive notes, you will make it infinitely easier to catch up later!

You Can Read while You Play

This is less recommended since you should always pay close attention to a hand.  In this case, it is very important to watch the players to learn what they look like when they have good cards or bad cards.  But it is a lot less likely that you will decipher tells in an online poker game so when a player is taking some time to think, you could read and get some good learning done in your “free time”.

Play at More than One Table

This skill may take some time to develop but when it does, it will enhance your poker playing immensely.  At a live poker room, it is virtually impossible to play at many tables at the same time.


As an online poker room, we naturally feel that online poker has many advantages over land based poker.  We still recognize that land based poker has its value, especially in learning to read opponents.  We feel that on balance, online poker is far better for most players, most of the time.

We invite all new players to join Juicy Stakes Poker today!

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