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Do you want to know what’s fresh, exciting and blinding to the eye at Juicy Stakes Casino?  How about our brand-new gemstone themed games?  In Wild Drops and Diamond Bonus slots, it is not so much the carat values that count – it is the more subtle game features that can pay out a whack!

A Rare, Colourful and Fiery Theme for Online Slots

Nothing is more dazzling nor desirable than a flawless brilliant cut diamond.  Similarly, stunningly coloured gemstones like lavender quartz, blue topaz, yellow fluorite and golden sapphire are singularly sought after for their rare and fiery beauty.

A Dazzling Duo at Juicy Stakes Casino – Wild Drops and Diamond Bonus Slots

At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, we know what delights our players.  That is precisely why we feature two new additions to our constantly growing online casino games library.  Wild Drops slot is vintage Betsoft.  It is unique, creative and packed with gameboard action.

Then there is Diamond Bonus slot, fresh from the World Match production line.  Where Wild Drops has the wow factor, Diamond Bonus features comparatively hefty payouts.  Together, our dazzling duo provide the gaming equivalent of ‘a girl’s best friend’ in high-definition technicolour!

If you want all the inside information on the latest Juicy Stakes online casino slots, here are the core mechanics on the gameplay of our featured Betsoft and World Match online slots:

Wild Drops Slot – Clear the Gameboard for a Shot at the Big Time

In Wild Drops slot, the key to unlocking the money vault is the vast 5 x 8 grid.  When the grid is cleared of all game symbols, you are instantly awarded a prize multiplier.   The only proviso is you have to achieve a clean gameboard in one paid spin… and that requires plenty of patience.

Its Unique Gameplay and Functionality

Here is how the actual gameplay behind the money spinner delivers the, well, money.  Rather than having set spinning reels, Wild Drops has a static gameboard constructed from a series of chains and pulleys.  The game symbols, which are a vast collection of brightly coloured gemstones, drop into place – hence the title of the Juicy Stakes Casino slot.

When matching combinations land on a horizontal payline, they shatter, and a new set of symbols drops into place –leaving blank spaces on the gameboard.  Drops continue for as long as there are payout permutations and the gameboard is steadily cleared.  This means the winnings keep rolling in at Juicy Stakes online casino.

Multipliers Up to 10 x

It may sound simple enough but in practice it can take dozens of paid spins to trigger the automated bonus.  The good news is when you clear the grid in the base game, you are awarded a 5 x prize multiplier.  Replicate your efforts in the free spins round and the multiplier doubles to 10 x.

How do you gain access to the free spins round in Wild Drops online slot at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Via the bright yellow bonus icons randomly concealed beneath standard gaming symbols.  When winning symbols shatter and one or more bonus icons are revealed, they are displayed in the vertical window located alongside the grid.

Free Spins with a Wild Column

Five bonus icons, accumulated in one paid drop, activates a second screen bonus round consisting of five free drops.  During the complementary game time, the entire central column is wild.  If you’ve learned anything about wild symbols at Juicy Stakes online casino, you know they are major winning generators.

As you can well imagine, at this point in the game the credit balance literally inflates in front of your eyes.  If you happen to clear the grid, the sky really is the limit.  Any payouts accumulated during that particular free drop are multiplied by 10!

What You Can Win Playing Wild Drops Slot

The actual payouts on the Wild Drops pay table don’t amount to much.  In fact, the wild is the highest paying symbol in the game, generating up to $2.50.  An extended gameboard, recurring drops and five of a kind combos that pay both ways do compensate for standard payouts ranging from a max of $0.05 to $0.20.

Diamond Bonus Slot – The Pay Table Takes Top Billing

The gem-encrusted World Match slot is a conventional kind of Juicy Stakes Casino slot.  It has five standard reels and 20 fixed paylines that pay from left to right.  Where it does shine, rather than dazzle, is in terms of the wins awarded.

Win Up to 1,000 x the Line Bet

Now we all know diamonds are priced according to colour, clarity, cut and carat.  Well, in Diamond Bonus slot, it is the flawless white diamond with a solitaire cut that has the highest value.  Accumulate five of these beauties and you will bank 1,000 x the payline bet.

Double Your Money

In reality, that equates to $50 on a maximum wager.  Add a wild symbol into the equation or hit the five of a kind in the free spins round and the win at Juicy Stakes online casino instantly doubles to $100.  That is because, In both those scenarios, a 2 x multiplier is in-play.

Up to 15 Free Spins

The rest of the diamond dazzlers feature a variety of colours and cuts – round brilliant, radiant, baguette, marquise, heart shape and emerald cut.  They also pay up to 50 x through to 500 x the line bet.  The scatter delivers up to 50 x the stake, which matches the payout for the white diamond when betting max.  It also unlocks up to 15 free spins where all payouts are doubled!

What Juicy Stakes Casino Recommends

Which of the two gem-themed online slots do we recommend at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Our answer is ‘both’.  At the end of the day, it depends upon the type of gaming session you find most appealing.

If you are looking for lots of action at Juicy Stakes Casino, a unique gaming interface and awesome graphics and design detailing, Wild Drops slot is for you.  Players who prefer traditional online slots, without all the whistles and bells, are advised to load Diamond Bonus slot onto their PC or phone.

The only way you will for sure which of the two games suit you best is to sign up, login to Juicy Stakes Casino, and play both our featured slots!  In the rare event that neither of them bedazzles you, check out our 350 plus online casino games for plenty of other options!


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