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You have signed up at Juicy Stakes Casino and redeemed the free spins welcome bonus.  Now all you need to do is decide which of the Betsoft slots to load onto your PC or mobile phone.  That in itself can pose a major conundrum as all the titles look so darn cool. 

What do we mean by ‘all’ titles?  Well, if you have read the small print, you will be aware that there are four valid bonus slots – Tigers Claw, The Angler, Chilli Pop and Yak Yeti and Roll.

The question is which game has the potential to roll out the biggest wins?  As you only have 25 free spins in which to capture payout combinations, you obviously want to exploit the correct slot – and under normal circumstance that would take a bit of homework on your part.

These aren’t normal circumstances, however...  We are, after all, welcoming you to the super Stakes Casino community.  As such, we have taken the time and effort to help you maximise the first of many bonuses you will earn right here at Juicy Stakes.

What does that mean in real terms?  Simply put, we have unpacked each of the bonus Betsoft slots and zoomed into key indicators like house edge, RTP, bonus features and top pays.

With that kind of information available at your fingertips, you are ideally equipped to make the smart choice when it comes to playing out our 25 free spins welcome bonus!  Right, here is a breakdown of what you need to know in terms of facts and figures:

Exploiting the Edge for Best Bonus Turnover Results 

Those of you familiar with gambling will know all about the house edge.  It is basically a percentage of all the bets wagered on a particular slot game that Juicy Stakes Casino keeps to cover our costs.  The rest is doled out to our lucky winners!

The higher the edge, the lower the average return to player… and vice versa.  Ideally you want to find the low edge games at Stakes Casino – the ones that pay out a greater percentage of the turnover to all players in the form of winnings.

Let’s take a look at the four bonus slots and how they compare in respect of house edge versus RTP:

  • Tigers Claw has an edge of 4,86% and an RTP of 95,14%
  • Chilli Pop’s data is 4,62% versus 95,38%
  • Yak Yeti and Roll’s profit against payout indicators are 4,07% against 95,95%
  • The Angler has an edge of 2,9% and an average RTP of 97,10%

What is the data telling us?  Well, in terms of finding the bonus slot with the tiniest advantage to the house right here at Stakes Casino, The Angler 3D slot is the best option by quite a margin. 

When you load The Angler onto your device you can cash-in on an average RTP or more than 97% and that means the probability of winning hard cash – for free – is tilted in your favour!

Key In-Game Bonus Features to Ramp Up the Money Action 

Right, we have now identified the free spins bonus slot with the lowest edge.  Statistically that is a good thing but how about the other variables that can pump up the payout rate?

The best slots are the titles that have multiple in-game features integrated into the mix.  Features like wilds, scatters, free spins and, our personal favourite – line bet and payout multipliers.

For the sake of expedience, we have listed each of the bonus slots together with their prominent in-game features:

  • Tigers Claw - pays both ways and has a wild and scatter symbol.  The standard 8 free spins can be boosted to 96 free spins and even 240 free spins when the feature is retriggered.  There is an optional gamble feature where you can double your winnings… or lose the lot.
  • Chilli Pop - has exploding wins and 26 free spins with an expanding grid.  A scatter, wild and wild-generated win multipliers up to 64 x are complemented by an optional gamble feature.  There is also an optional Buy Feature where you can ‘purchase’ 10 free spins.
  • Yak Yeti and Roll - has cascading symbols that trigger a trail bonus feature that has up to 18 free spins, 200 x multipliers and cash prizes as rewards.  A wild, scatter and optional Buy Feature complete the bonus suite.
  • The Angler - has a second screen bonus game, an optional gamble feature, a wild and scatter.  The free spins feature consists of 8 free spins with sticky wilds that remain on the gaming interface for the duration of the feature.

When it comes to the best bonus slot in terms of cash-generating features, my money is on Chilli Pop and Yak Yeti and Roll.

They both feature ‘magic’ multipliers – and that means any payouts are automatically boosted by a multiplier amount.  Having said that, you do have to advance quite a way on the bonus trail to bank the major prizes in Yak Yeti and Roll.

Cash-In on the Maximum Payouts in the Base Game 

Now for the maximum pays.  These are the amounts in coins you can win by matching five of the highest paying symbols in the base game:

  • Tigers Claw - 1,000
  • Chilli Pop - 2,500
  • Yak Yeti and Roll - 150
  • The Angler - 1,750

The Verdict 

Now for the tricky part.  When you analyse all the variables there is no obvious choice when it comes to selecting the standout free spins bonus slot right here at Juicy Stakes Casino.  At the end of the day that decision has to be yours and yours alone.

All we have done is presented you with all the stats and information you need to make an informed selection. The rest is up to you.  Which slot would I choose?  All things considered I would probably plumb for Chilli Pop… despite its mediocre RTP!

If you are not yet a member of the Juicy Stakes Casino family, it only takes a few minutes to join in the fun. Simply hit the ‘Join Now’ tab at the top of the page, enter your details, activate your account via an email link and you are good to go!


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