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When you think of juicy stakes, having your hands on a perpetual Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus must surely come to mind… and guess what?  That is exactly what is in store for you!  How do you get a never-ending bonus that keeps on giving?

Well, at Juicy Stakes online casino, game-specific bonuses are a common find, as you’ll easily be able to deduce this from our “Casino Offers”.  If you prefer table games, look out for promos such as Blackjack Quest.  If slots are your thing, well, then you’re in for an extra special treat as free spins bonuses are our specialty!

Although most of the bonuses require that you make a real money deposit at some point, there are ways to enjoy a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus without it costing you a cent… and to get there, all you require are Frequent Player Points.

Juicy Frequent Player Points for All!

Our Frequent Player Points (FPPs) is the real way to enjoy a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus that keeps on giving.  From the very moment that you sign up and become a real money player at Juicy Stakes online casino, you’ll be in line for endless rewards – and all you have to do is play, play and play some more!

The FPPs are awarded irrespective of your game of choice, although they are awarded in different increments as follows:

  1. Poker Ring Games – You earn 1 FPP for every $1 raked
  2. Poker Tournaments – You earn 7 FPPs for every $1 in tournament fees
  3. Slots – You earn 3 FPPs for every $100 wagered
  4. Video Poker – You earn 8 FPPs for every $100 wagered
  5. Blackjack – You earn 1 FPP for every $100 wagered
  6. Casino Hold’em – You earn 3.5 FPPs for every $100 wagered
  7. Let it Ride – You earn 5 FPPs for every $100 wagered
  8. Caribbean Stud – You earn 5 FPPs for every $100 wagered

You’re probably wondering how Frequent Player Points translate to a Juice Stakes no deposit bonus?  That is quite simple – they are ultimately worth real cash!  As you go about playing, you earn you FPPs without any additional input on your part.  Then, as if by magic, once you earn enough FPPs, they are converted to Gold Chips – and these Gold Chips are redeemable for actual greenbacks that can in turn fund your betting sessions, on the house!  It truly is the ultimate Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

FPPs are the Gateway to Greater Player Rewards

In addition to acting as the greatest Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus that affords Gold Chips as you play, building up your Frequent Player Points balance will grant you automatic access into the Juicy Stakes online casino Loyalty Levels.  The unique loyalty rewards program opens up a whole new world filled with exclusive and innovative offers, from free play, to access to special tournaments and you could even be in store for another Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus or two!

This unique instant rewards program has 50 multi-tier Loyalty Levels and you’ll automatically advance as you work your way through the tiers.  To advance through the tiers, all you need to do is play and collect the corresponding number of FPPs.  As you do, you’ll gradually move through all the tiers and climb through all 50 Loyalty Levels, you’ll get to collect the multiple rewards along the way that are associated with each level.

The Lowdown on the Multi-Tier Loyalty Levels

Just to recap, below we take a quick look at how you can work your way through the tiers and Loyalty Levels which could leave you with more than one free Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, free spins, and much more…

  1. There are 50 Loyalty Levels
  2. Each Loyalty Level has a set number of tiers to work through
  3. Lower Loyalty Levels start with one tier and higher Loyalty Levels have more tiers
  4. You need to complete all tiers to advance to a higher Loyalty Level
  5. Your rewards and payouts are linked to your tiers and levels – the higher the level, the greater the rewards
  6. It is very difficult to go ‘backwards’ - the only way to move down a Loyalty Level is if you don’t earn enough FPPs over two consecutive months.  This will only return you to level 10
  7. You will also never lose a level if you are below Loyalty Level 10
  8. Turbo Tiers – although you’ll be rewarded each time you complete a tier, irrespective of how long it takes, the quicker you work through the tiers, the greater the rewards will be with Turbo and Super Turbo Bonuses

How to Keep Tabs on your FPPs

We’re sure you’ll wait in great anticipation for another delectable Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and if you want to know where you’re at, just check out your FPP status.  To do this, visit the rewards tab when you’re logged into Juicy Stakes online casino where you’ll be able to view your FPP status and know how many are needed to earn your next Gold Chip.

Now that you know why FPPs are your gateway to earning that free Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and all you need to do is play as you would to earn them – sign up with Juicy Stakes online casino now and work your way to the top for the grandest rewards that any loyalty rewards program has to offer!


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