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If action heroes and Juicy Stakes free spins sound appealing, look no further than Superheroes slot.  The World Match creation features comic book crusaders and plenty of bonus action.  Want to know more?  There’s plenty more, so keep reading!

The Need-To-Know About Juicy Stakes Free Spins

There is no denying the enormous popularity of superheroes…  We’re obsessed with following the latest pursuits of all our favourite characters at the cinemas and on the telly… but Juicy Stakes free spins?  Why are they so special?  What do you have to do to get a fair share of complimentary game time?

In this particular configuration, Juicy Stakes free spins are essentially free game rounds.  You get to watch the reels spin round and round, and if you are lucky, payline wins roll in along the way.  What is key here is that it costs you nothing to unlock the free gameplay!

In Superheroes slot, Juicy Stakes free spins is but one bonus feature integrated into play.  In this 20 bet line online casino game, it is ably supported by a plethora of special attributes.  They may not have the super powers of our superheroes – but they can maximise your win rate.

Triggering the feature typically entails hitting three or more scatters simultaneously on the gaming interface.  Why are scatters called scatters?  They are the only symbols that don’t have to appear adjacent to each other or from left to right.

In Superheroes slot, the scatter is represented by the Free Spins icon.  When you hit the triggering scatter combination, you are automatically awarded 10 Juicy Stakes free spins!

Then of course there are Juicy Stakes free spins bonuses.  These are standalone promotions offering a defined number of unpaid spins of one or more slot games.  At Juicy Stakes Casino, you are awarded free spins as part of the welcome bonus, slot of the month bonus and new game bonus.

Depending on your choice of incentive, there are two ways of releasing free gameplay:

  1. You can enter the corresponding coupon code at the cashier,
  2. Or, you can launch the qualifying online casino slot in your browser and enjoy great gaming bankrolled by the house!

Reveal an Action Hero and Win

In Superhero slot, free game time is not the only potential perk for players.  There is a conventional wild card to optimise the payout rate.  That said, the standout feature is the bonus game.

Before we get into how you can bank a tidy sum of money playing Superheroes slot online, let’s focus on the pay table.  Here is a quick synopsis of the character symbols and corresponding pay outs.  First, a heads up.  The action heroes in this WM online casino game are only partially represented.  Rather than encountering the full-blown figure, characters are identifiable by a sliver of their masks.

  • There is Batman, the highest paying symbol in the game.  He generates up to 1,500 x the line bet.
  • Iron Man and Spider-Man follow, with maximum prizes of 1,000 x and 750 x, respectively.
  • Wolverine and The Hulk complete the Superhero suite.  They pay 500 x and 300 x apiece for five of a kind.
  • Aces, faces, tens and nines create the low paying permutations.  Prizes range from 150 x to 250 x the payline wager.

The Superheroes Slot Bonus Game

Now to the bonus game.  It plays out on a second screen consisting of a segmented mask.  Segments are randomly shuffled to display pieces of different Superhero symbols.  When the complete face of one of the action heroes appears onscreen, you win the corresponding prize.

How much can you win in the bonus game?  Well first-off, the prizes are paid out in credits.  Batman is worth 800 credits, Iron Man awards 400, spider-Man spins out 200 and lastly, Wolverine delivers 100 credits.

The Hulk is the only action hero who does not offer a three-figure sum.  Instead, 40 credits are added to the balance when the alter ego of Bruce Banner appears on the game board.

6 Reasons to Play Superheroes Slot at Juicy Stakes Casino

Here is why Superheroes slot should be on your playlist at Juicy Stakes:

  1. A top payout $1,500
  2. Frequently appearing wild card
  3. 10 Juicy Stakes free spins
  4. Bonus awards of up 800 credits
  5. Multiple payline wins per spin
  6. High hit frequency

Fun Facts About the Featured Superheroes

Did you know that Tony Stark, the man behind the Iron Man suit, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at just 17 years of age?  If you think that is smart, how about this.  Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.  Yup, the Caped Crusader is a genius, tipping the scales at 192.  The IQ of the other two is estimated to have been around 160 to 180!

Not only is Batman highly intelligent, but he is also obscenely rich too.  According to Forbes magazine, the feted industrialist has a net worth of $9 billion and counting.  Not even Richie Rich has a greater fortune than the legendary Dark Knight!

Even 6 years ago it was reported that Robert Downey Junior, who played the lead in the Iron Man movies, had banked a whopping $80 million in profit share.  Together, the three Iron Man movies scooped up $2 billion at the box office.  With figures like those, who wouldn’t want to be a superhero?

Wolverine may not be wealthy but he is a notorious party animal.  The master of the martial arts is portrayed as a heavy drinker who loves smoking Cuban cigars.  He is also a bit of a ladies’ man.  At last count, Wolverine has fathered at least three children – Twist, Daken and Erista – and all three has different mamas!

Now we all know The Hulk is green – but did you know there is a Red Hulk?  This dude is a military man and friend of Bruce Banner.  His real name is Thunderbolt Ross, and he is as red as a tomato, blushing bride and a London bus!

As for Spider-Man, he has a doctorate in physics and travelled extensively around the world.  He even has a female alter ego known as Silk.  She too was bitten by a radioactive spider and has the attributes of an arachnid!

Claim Your Juicy Stakes Free Spins NOW

We bet that leaves you wanting to delve into a world filled with superheroes – and free spins!  To get in on the complimentary action, the first step is to register a Juicy Stakes account at Juicy Stakes.  Thereafter, you can make a deposit and claim Juicy Stakes free spins as part of the welcome package.  Alternatively, you can tap on the World Match tab, load Superheroes slot in your browser – and play!


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