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Do you want to know how 21 spells fun?  Well, it doesn’t but there is plenty at stake when you play Lucktap Blackjack at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The game with 21 at its heart is the catalyst for the free bets and blackjack quests embellishing the promo page - and free stuff means fun!

Find Bonuses for Everyone at Juicy Stakes Casino 

Besides our Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus - which by the way is only one incentive associated with our complimentary Frequent Player Points (FPPs) - our casino promotions are copious and varied.  What that of course means is there is something for everyone notwithstanding the kinds of casino games you like to play.

There are multiple free spins bonuses and multiplayer tournaments for the lovers of slots and there are cashback bonuses for anyone and everyone who gets their game face on over the weekends.  Posted neatly between the free spins and tourneys are the blackjack bonuses represented by free bets offers or blackjack quests… or, if we are really feeling generous, a bit of both!

Free Blackjack Bets Unpacked 

The free bets kind of speak for themselves.  Open any of the qualifying games in your browser and you will find 15 or more free bets squared away on the gaming interface.  In the latest promo, free bets are instantly available for three popular blackjack variants, all developed by Lucktap Gaming - Blackjack, Perfect Pairs and Double Draw Blackjack. 


The trick is to find the game or games that have the potential to pay out the most in terms of dollars and cents.  As the rules are basically the same in all three variants and you earn exactly the same FPPs to boost the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, how do you know which of the Lucktap blackjacks are hot?

Why Play Blackjack by Lucktap Gaming? 

Before we get into what we think is the best free bets blackjack, here are six good reasons to play any blackjack game developed by Lucktap Gaming right here at Juicy Stakes:

  1. Immersive high definition gaming interfaces
  2. Autoplay mode and mute button
  3. Optimal game strategies available under the ‘strategy’ tab
  4. Theoretical RTP published beneath the respective table rules
  5. Wide betting range extending from $1 to $300
  6. Adjustable game and sound settings - game speed, hit/stand warnings, strategy display and more

RTP and Edge Compared 

If insurance pays at odds of 2:1 and blackjack at 3:2 what differentiates one game from the other?  Well, first off both Blackjack and Perfect Pairs have an average payout rate of 99.36%.  That of course means the house edge is similarly matched at 0.64%.  

However, the stats for Double Draw Blackjack are 98.85% and 1.15% for the RTP and house edge respectively and that of course tells a story.  What is that particular story?  Well if you want to win more free bets than you lose, avoid the Double Draw variant and stick to one of the other games instead.

The Tantalising Side Bet in Perfect Pairs  

As you have an equal chance of banking money playing both Blackjack and Perfect Pairs, is there any other factor that can be used to point you in one direction or the other?  Well we know it is not the RTP, the edge or the impact you can make on your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus when you play blackjack at the casino.  

However, there is one potential showstopper and that is the optional side bet in Perfect Pairs.  What’s so special about the side bet?  It has the potential to boost your free bets generated bankroll into orbit and only costs the equivalent of the original wager!  

When you take the Perfect Pairs side bet and hit a pair with the first two cards, you win up to 30:1 depending upon whether the pair is of matching colour, matching suit, matching colour and suit or no matching attributes at all, other than the numerical value.  With those sorts of odds on the table, I know which blackjack game I would play with the free bets safely tucked away in my corner!

Easily Achievable Free Bets Bonus T&Cs  

What is more, the terms and conditions that regulate the use of the free bets’ bonus are more than reasonable.  The roll over is just 15 x, there is typically five days in which to achieve the playthrough and you are entitled to cash out up to $250 in winnings once you have satisfied the playthrough!  Now that is not a hard ask at all!

What’s the Deal with the Blackjack Quests? 

The blackjack quests at Juicy Stakes Casino may not require stealth or an arsenal of artillery but they do require special skills.  You will be expected to achieve five events in exchange for a free cash prize that usually tips the scales at around $100.  

As the events vary from hitting a natural, coloured or suited blackjack to achieving two blackjacks in the same game, you may find funding your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus is a more straightforward proposition after all!  

As with the free bets’ bonus, blackjack quests are generally limited to specific blackjack variants arranged under the Lucktap tab.  The playthrough is also 15 x the bonus but the time limit in which to roll the bonus over can be a few days shorter.

Now for the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus 

I am pretty sure we have piqued your interest with our constant references to the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  Well it is after all a bonus that increases in value based on your betting activity at both the casino and poker room.  When it comes to the number of FPPs you can earn playing blackjack right there at Juicy Stakes, the equation is an easy one - you get one FPP for every $100 staked. 

How do FPPs affect the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  Well once you have accumulated sufficient points, they automatically evolve into Gold Chips which you can convert into currency and use to fund your gambling sprees.  That essentially is what the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus is all about - points to chips to cash to points to chips… got it?  FPPs also allow you to advance through the multiple tiers and loyalty levels of the in-house rewards programme. 

The more points you earn, the further you advance and the higher the value the rewards we liberally dole out to players just like you! 

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