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Play Jacks or Better at Stakes Casino and there are two key variables that impact the payout rate.  The first is the optimum strategy.  The second is the pay table.  If you want to find out how the fixed pays ramp up the RTP, here’s a rundown of popular pay tables and why you should play video poker right here!

Get One of the Highest Payout Rates at Juicy Stakes Casino

In the world of real money gaming, Jacks or Better video poker is the go-to game.  In its purest form it is conventional five card draw poker but instead of competing against other players, you will go head to head with the machine. 

Besides featuring the standard poker hands ranging from a royal flush to a high pair, the game is renowned for its prodigious payout rate which, truth be told, is one of the highest at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

Three Payouts are Key to the RTP 

What is unique about Jacks or Better – and all the games in the video poker genre – is the fact that it is available in a variety of pay tables.  These pay tables are exactly matched in almost every respect but for three exceptions; the payouts denoted for a flush, full house and to a lesser extent, a royal flush. 

Of the three pays, it is the odds for a flush and full house that differentiate one pay table from the other.  The next time you come across 8/6, 7/5 or 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker, you will know the numbers refer to the odds paid for a full house and flush respectively, on a one-coin bet. 

How the Odds Influence the Payout Rate in Jacks or Better 

How do the odds impact the Jacks or Better payout rate?  The richer the odds, the greater the average return to player will be and the more you are likely to win over the long-term playing Jacks or Better video poker at Stakes Casino.  The best way to illustrate the point is to list a few of the most popular Jacks or Better pay tables, together with the calculated payout rates:


Full House


Payout Rate

























What is evident from our comparison of the top six Jacks or Better pay tables is the 9/6 game is by far the best in terms of average payout rate.  That of course is to be expected. 

Small Margins Make a Difference 

What is arguably more interesting is the fact that only the tiniest discrepancy in the odds can lower the RTP by a significant margin.  Take the 6:1 versus the 5:1 odds for a flush in the last two games on the table.  Just that minor difference has the effect of lowering the average payout rate and increasing the advantage to the house by as much as 1.09%!

Avoid Playing Video Poker with an RTP of a Slot 

When you compare the odds for the full house in the full pay 9/6 game against that of the 6/5 game, the impact on the RTP is more than substantial, it is huge.  In fact, it slashes the payout rate and boosts the edge by 4.54%.  Where does that leave you?  Playing a video poker game that has an RTP more suitable for a slot game which, as we all know, is a pure game of chance!

What Jacks or Better Game is Available at Juicy Stakes Online Casino? 

Here is the good news.  At Stakes Casino we feature two Jacks or Better video pokers, one of which is the full pay 9/6 version.  All you have to do is sign up, hit the Tangente tab and scroll down the page and you will find the best darn gambling opportunity in cyberspace!  

That of course means when you load Jacks or Better onto your device, you are in line for one of the highest RTPs of all… but only when you play the game according to the optimal strategy.  What is the best play strategy for Jacks or Better video poker?  It is the theoretically perfect way to play the game… and the only way you should ever play any game of skill at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

Where Can You Find the Optimal Jacks or Better Strategy? 

The easiest way is to find the optimal strategy for Jacks or Better video poker – or any other skill-based casino game for that matter – is to do a quick search online.  You will find loads of helpful resources that can point you in the right direction. 

One way to get the best out of any gambling strategy is to refer to it in real-time as you play the game.  That is why we recommend you download or copy or paste the information you find online, print it out and have it next to you as you play real money games at Juicy Stakes Casino. 

When you adopt the optimal strategy there is a good chance your bankroll will last a lot longer.  On the good days, you may find the balance in your betting account soars ever upwards!  If you are not a member of Juicy Stakes Casino, it only takes a few minutes to sign up – and then you have uninterrupted access to full pay entertainment in high definition technicolour that has the propensity to pay out in crisp dollar bills!


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