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Thanks to our rake Schedule, players at Juicy Stakes Poker have a key advantage.  They can quickly establish the rake on all the cash games – and make strategic decisions to enhance the win rate!  Want to know more?  Keep reading as we delve into the key elements of the rake schedule at Juicy Stakes Poker.

The Rake at Juicy Stakes Poker

A rake is the mandatory cost of playing poker online – be it at Juicy Stakes, or any other online poker room.  In fact, it is a small fee that both land-based and online poker rooms levy for hosting the games.  If there was no rake, there would be no poker… at least not poker with a prize pot.

At Juicy Stakes Poker, we have made a concerted effort to keep the rake way within industry norms.  Our rake at our poker platform can be compared to our generous playthrough requirements of our bonuses over at Juicy Stakes Casino.  We also operate on a ‘no flop no drop’ basis.  If the game ends pre-flop, there is no charge.

If you consult our onsite rake schedule, you will know it ranges from 5% to 6.67%, depending on the stake.  That of course is pretty much in line with all the other top ranked poker platforms online.  What new players to the fold may not realize – the ones who have not used the rake schedule– is that the higher rake percentage, which is a 6.67% fee, is levied on the games with the lowest stakes.

How does that impact the bottom line?  As is quite evident from any fees or percentages ‘skimmed off’ the top, the rake negatively affects the expected value of the game.

What is Expected Value (EV) in Online Poker?

In the simplest terms, the expected value (EV) is a measurement of probability.  It is what a player can expect to win or lose over the long-term when playing Omaha or Texas Holdem at the same stake.

In gambling speak, the EV is similar to the average return to player (RTP) – otherwise referred to as the payback percentage – attributed to particular online casino games or gaming categories.  It is fundamentally the average return of every dollar invested in a poker pot.

The EV can be positive or negative.  A positive EV suggest the probability that you will win more money than you contribute to the pot.  When there’s a negative EV, it is obviously the other way round.

When you tack the rake onto the stake, it influences the long-term win to loss ratio.  The higher the rake, the lower the expected value – and the less you are likely to win over the long run.

Low Stakes Poker Games Carry Heightened Risk

That said, most new players automatically opt for lower stakes games.  The thinking behind it is to mitigate the risk.  They are oblivious to the fact the online poker games of their choice have, in fact, a significantly greater risk – so, the reasoning is actually flawed and counter-productive.

If these same players had established the rake via the rake schedule, they may very well have made a more strategic decision.  That, of course, is playing the poker at a higher stake.  That is why we place an emphasis on informing our patrons of the benefits of using the rake schedule.

It is not only the statistical win probability that takes a hit if you instinctively opt for low stakes.  The style of play has to be adjusted to compensate for the lower expected value.  What that essentially means is marginal calls are tossed out of the equation, and folds are all the more the prevalent.

Playing with your hands figuratively tied behind your back is not the way to play poker online. It is hard enough to get it right without the sword of Damocles hanging over your head.

Calculate Rake on the Juicy Stakes Poker rake schedule

What can you do to ensure your poker sessions at Juicy Stakes Poker are more exciting and productive?  Your first move is to calculate the rake on the games you intend to play.  With the use of the Juicy Stakes rake schedule, it is a matter of selecting a few basic criteria and hitting the ‘Calculate Rake’ button.

By opting to play at stakes of 5 – 10 through to 30 – 60, the rake percentage is set at 5% and capped at $1, $2 and $4 for two, three to four and five and more players, respectively.

Similarly, when you play Holdem or Omaha at stakes of 50 – 100 and above, the rake percentage remains at 5%.  The cap for five or more players, however, increases ever so slightly to $5.  Stakes any lower than that are in 6.67% rake territory – and that is not ideally where you want to be dabbling!

Adopt the Best Poker Playing Tips

In addition to using the rake schedule and expected value (EV) as reliable sources of information, poker playing tips can be especially useful.  Here are a few snippets of good advice from more experienced poker players at Juicy Stakes…

  1. Be aware of the other players at the table.  Are they betting hard and aggressively and playing lots of hands, or are they folding quickly and only playing good hands?  Once you have identified the individual styles of play, avoid the aggressive players and make a point of only going up against the tight players when you have a strong hand.
  2. Do not get overly excited by suited cards, especially low suited cards.  Flushes are hard to come by, so the odds of winning the pot are long.
  3. Focus on playing your cards properly rather than trying to bluff.  Deception in poker is a rare skill that is only learnt with time and experience – and since no one can see your poker face online, it really is a pointless strategy.
  4. When you have good cards, try not to act too quickly.  It may give the game away.  Rather think about what the other players may have in their hands, and how the betting has progressed thus far.  When you take your time, you are more inclined to make the right decision – and you will keep the others guessing!

Why Play Poker Online at Juicy Stakes?

At Juicy Stakes Poker, we offer a lot more than ring games and a handy rake schedule.  Our multi-table tournaments and sit n go’s feature buy-ins ranging from a few cents to a hundred dollars and more.

Visit our promotions page and you are bombarded with a slew of free offers.  Our 200% welcome bonus is complimented by reload bonuses, FPP races, depositor freerolls and the all-important 36% rakeback deal.  Why not register an account and login to Juicy Stakes Poker now?  You’ve got nothing to lose!


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