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First things first, what do we mean by priceless relics?  How about cash prizes, free spins and a recurring Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  Our gaming incentives may not be relics but they are priceless, nonetheless!  Here is how you can claim a share of the treasure.

New Addition to Juicy Stakes Casino Games

What is fresh, new and exciting at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Apart from our regularly updated bonuses and promotions, there are a few brand new additions to the casino games’ library.  The title we are currently focussing on is Book of Shadows.  It is a beautifully rendered 5 reel slot loosely based on the Indiana Jones and Laura Croft movies.

Key features of Book of Shadows slot include an exceedingly generous payout structure.  Rather than paying out in only one direction on the reels, it pays:

  • from left to right,
  • from right to left and
  • on the three central reels.

By that yardstick alone, the all-new Juicy Stakes Casino slot is a ground breaker.

Then, of course, Book of Shadows slot is sourced from the World Match studios.  What is the big secret about World Match slots?  They generate Frequent Player Points (FPPs) at a rate of up to 5 points per $100 wagered.  In turn, FPPs are the progenitors of a bigger and better Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Play World Match Slots and Profit

When you play World Match slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, you can profit in more ways than one.  Besides the conventional prizes generated by matching symbols on the reels, there is an added incentive built in.  Here is how it works…

Every bet you make on online slots releases comp points (FPPs).  Add the points together and they become Gold Chip stacks.  Stacks can be exchanged for real money in the form of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!  That is a broad picture of how you can benefit playing Books of Shadows slot at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Now to the details…

At first glance, the Book of Shadows pay table may appear to be a bit light in terms of value.  That is before you consider the impact of the three pay ways.  By paying out left to right, right to left and on the central reels, the average hit rate is obviously significantly higher.

Top Payouts in Book of Shadows Slot

When it comes to actual payouts, the relic hunter offers the largest prize.  The Indiana Jones lookalike pays up to 10 x the payline wager.  That is the equivalent of $40 with a maximum bet in-play.

The pharaoh’s death mask delivers a maximum win of 9 x the line bet.  That is followed by the scarab beetle, ankh and stylised eye, which generate up to 8 x, 7 x and 6 x a piece.  The playing card symbols, Ace through to Jack, pay out between 5 x and 1 x the line bet.

Besides the unique payout structure, there is another equally rewarding element that can enhance the rate of returns.  It is in the form of 2 x multiplier symbol.  When this symbol appears on the gameboard, it automatically doubles all payline wins.  Two and three multiplier symbols increase the standard payouts by 4 x and 8 x, respectively.

Multiplier-Enhanced Wins

The good news is the frequency at which the multiplier(s) appears on the reels.  What that of course means is it is possible to win up to 80 x the payline line wager.  Do the calculations and the big win in dollars and cents is $320.  The only proviso is all three multiplier symbols, plus five matching relic hunters, have to appear on the gaming interface… at the same time!

In addition to a high hit frequency and multiplier-enriched pay table, it is worth emphasising the role of the FPPs.  By accumulating points, every bet you make playing Book of Shadows slot at Juicy Stakes Casino is adding to the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Now, back to the rest of the gameplay, which has been designed to maximise the payout rate.  There is a standard wild symbol to complete payout permutations.  The Book of Shadows symbol is the scatter.  In a three-symbol configuration, the scatter randomly triggers 3 free spins up to 15 free spins.  During free spins, the wild expands to fill the entire reel.

Other than the usual bonus features, the symbol featuring a grey tile with a blazing red gemstone represents a mystery feature.  It usually appears in stacks on the gaming interface.  When it does, it randomly morphs into one of the following symbols – Ace, King, Queen, Jack or the stylised eye.

Action-Packed Gameplay from the Start

When it comes to gameplay, Book of Shadows slot is ‘action’ all the way.  There is an abundance of payline wins, thanks to the three-way payout structure.  Throw in the multiplier icon and nominal payouts can easily become big wins.

The mystery feature adds clout to an already above average win rate.  As for the random free spins feature, well, you can bank on unlocking free game time every 50 or so paid spins.

Can we recommend Book of Shadows slot to our players at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Yup, without a doubt.  It is a slick production from World Match.  It also adds plenty of vooma to your very own Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Don’t take our word for it.  Register an account at Juicy Stakes and download our gaming software.  You will find all our online casino games are available in the real money and play money modes… including Book of Shadows slot.

About the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus

The Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus can almost be classified as a type of cashback bonus.  Reason being, it is funded by the Frequent Player Points awarded to individual players as a percentage of their wagers.  Once the FPPs reach a certain value, they are exchanged for Gold Chips.

In turn, Gold Chip stacks are converted into the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  The ‘no limits’ cash bonus is a recurring bonus paid out to players in $5 increments.  So, by simply playing, you’re theoretically earning ‘cash back’ as you go!  Join no and benefit from unlimited real money returns at Juicy Stakes Casino.


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