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What is the next generation of online real money poker? It is where everything happens on the chain – the blockchain. Transactions are instantaneous, all the action is recorded in real-time and players can enjoy complete confidentiality outside the poker community.

When online real money poker is paired with the latest technologies, it is game on. Everything you can enjoy right here and right now at Juicy Stakes Poker is streamlined and accelerated. Dollar-based poker play is out… In-house cryptocurrency is in!

Play Crypto-Funded Online Real Money Poker at Juicy Stakes

On the digital money front, Juicy Stakes Poker is already one step ahead. We accept fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Our new age funding model may not be JSP exclusive quite yet – but that is sure to come sometime in the near future. How does StakeCoin or Juicereum sound to you?

Juicy Stakes Poker digital currency might be a ways off, but in the meantime, we have integrated the standout payment options that are in circulation into our banking system. You can already transfer your stack at the speed of light via the latest addition to the BTC suite – Lightning Bitcoin.

If that doesn’t cut it, you can juice your account with LiteCoin. It, along with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, facilitates transactions up to $2,5K at a time. Moving money around using crypto is efficient, super-confidential and as cheap as can be. The reason being that there is no middleman involved to levy a fee!

NFTs as Online Poker Bonuses

When online real money poker makes the leap onto the blockchain, bonuses are paid in tokenized assets. Think non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and you have the idea. These assets can be anything but we do draw the line at the likes of Bored Apps, CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties – they are just far too passe!

How about clips of the WSOP final table? If that has been done and done, maybe signed animated caricatures of poker pros like Nacho Barbero, Artur Martirosyan or Daniel Negreanu will raise the interest of players like you!

In the new world of blockchain poker, NFTs can be won as part of the pot. They can be doled out as bonuses. They can even be traded and sold amongst players with the poker room taking a nominal percentage of sales.

Fungible Bonuses at Juicy Stakes

That is in the future. Right now, Juicy Stakes Poker bonuses are fungible. New players at the #1 online real money poker room can get an optional fillip of 200%.

That is on top of their first deposit. It maxes out at $1k – and we are sure you agree that is more than enough to boost your chip stack! As for the rest of the Juicy Stakes online real money poker community?

As a happy returnee, you are always in line for rakeback, no-deposit bonuses, freerolls and more. We may not be in the NFT space just yet but every move you make is duly rewarded at Juicy Stakes Poker! Check out our Promotions page for all the deets!

Instantaneous Decentralised Data Records

Play blockchain poker and every bet, every hand and every transaction is recorded in a decentralised ledger that cannot be edited, deleted or changed in any way. This data is readily available to everyone – from the operators of the poker room to the players themselves.

Transparency drives fairness and trust. Toss in provably fair algorithms and verifiable random number generators and what have you got? Deals and shuffles that can never be manipulated in any way.

Certified Fair RNG

Even now, the action at Juicy Stakes Poker is provably fair. We use a RNG that is regularly tested and certified random by iTech Labs. The testing agency uses a range of different algorithms and hardware to evaluate the RNG from top to bottom.

The technicians focus on the internal state of the RNG. The look at seeding, re-seeding and cycling as well as non-repeatability, unpredictability and the use of random numbers in operations including shuffling and scaling.

At Juicy Stakes Poker the cards and game outputs are always statistically random and unpredictable. You and all our other patrons can play online real money poker in the knowledge our gaming system is independently certified fair. We don’t need to be on the blockchain to deliver that critical element of online poker play!

Anonymity vs Confidentiality

What is the best part of blockchain poker? The fact it is completely anonymous. Well, pseudonymous – and if you know anything about crypto, you should know what that means by now. In short, it’s as close to anonymous as you’ll get in this day and age!

Crypto transactions are transferred directly from a Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet to a centralised account. As all funds going in and out of the poker platform are tracked and recorded in the blockchain, there is no need to even register an account.

In the new world of online real money poker – which isn’t real money at all – you simply login with a pseudonym, juice your stack from the centralised crypto pool and play. If you are out of funds, the system automatically blocks you out.

At Juicy Stakes we do expect you to register an account and impart your real world details. That information is for our eyes only. It is never shared with any third party without getting your consent first – and that is a fact.

We don’t have a centralised kitty but we do ring fence our player accounts. We also store any sensitive data on a dedicated server offsite. That way, you and your identify are protected at all times. We offer advanced confidentially rather than complete anonymity!

Play Platform-Based Online Real Money Poker at Juicy Stakes

Now let’s dig into that grand question we alluded to earlier… When will Juicy Stakes Poker be migrating to the blockchain?

We can’t give you precise date or even a firm answer that we will indeed move completely into the crypto gaming space. Technology is evolving so rapidly there may be a faster, better and more efficient way of playing online real money poker in the not-too-distant future.

Until that day dawns, we are more than delighted to welcome you to the Juicy Stakes Poker community. You will find out gaming software is slick and functional, all our support systems work as they should – and our bonuses and promotions really do hit the spot!