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A simple Juicy Stakes login is your access point to infinite entertainment.  It is the key to smashing free offers and an online casino games catalogue bursting at the seams.  Hit the ‘Play Now’ button and you will discover something new and exciting… every time!

Gift-Wrapped Gaming Available Here

As the silly season creeps ever closer, it is time to present gift-wrapped gaming to our legion of players.  At Juicy Stakes online casino, our gifts come in all sorts of packages.  There are fresh free spins promotions and blackjack free bets.  There are even bonuses marking the passage from Thanksgiving to Xmas.

Scratch around the online gaming menu and you are sure to find a brand-new festive season slot.  If you are patient and wade through the games, title by title, you will come across a low-key little gem.  It is a cash casino game based on a biblical story.  These are a few of the Secret Santa surprises directed at you – and the Juicy Stakes login is where it all begins!

Which games has Juicy Stakes online casino recently released to highlight the winter season?  How about a 5 reel and 100 payline Betsoft blockbuster?  Or a beast of a game, direct from World Match?  If that tickles your fancy, register an account at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Once you have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, you can use the Juicy Stakes login to gain entry to our multi-channel gaming platform.  Here is a snapshot of two of the latest slots titles featured right here at Juicy Stakes online casino:

Stay Frosty Slot for Chilled Out Gamers

Stay Frosty is the quintessential festive season online slot.  It is set in an icy landscape featuring pine and fir trees laden with snow.  The only sign of human habitation is a cosy wooden cottage with glowing lights blazing from each window.

In contrast to the serene snowy scene is a bright blue 5 x 4 reel set, trimmed in fairy lights.  It is here the Juicy Stakes login can convert graphics into dollar-denominated real money wins.  When you match any of the standard symbols in three or more configurations, cash is added to the constantly changing credit balance.

How frequently do three, four or five symbols sweeten the Stay Frost payout pot?  Well, with 100 permanently fixed paylines in play, the easy answer is… a lot!

Cash-In on Bonus Features

As with all the slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, it isn’t only the standard symbols that generate the loot.  It is, in fact, quite to the contrary.  There are multiple bonus features to maximise the payout rate over and above the regular symbol line ups.

Some, like the scatter, are standard in design and functionality.  When the red-nosed reindeer appears three-fold – and more – on the gaming interface, there are juicy payouts of up to 12.50 x the stake waiting for you.

What is more, the very same symbol configuration unleashes 10 up to 20 free spins.  Yup.  That is free game rounds from us to you… and you get to keep the winnings!

Then, of course, there is a wild snowman with a carrot for a nose.  It performs the usual role as substitute symbol – or a joker – on the reels.  When the snowman completes a payout permutation, a snowball tossed in from the ‘gallery’ splatters across the symbol.

That small bit of gameplay transforms the wild into a ‘Stay Wild’.  When that happens, the wild is sticky for two spins… but, in reality, it can be far more than that.  That is where the Juicy Stakes login really can pay dividends!

Wild is Sticky During Free Spins

Where the ‘Stay Wild’ really does enhance its already heady reputation is during the free spins bonus round.  When the frosty fella appears on the gameboard, it sticks around until the end of the feature.  What that of course means is the probability of landing multiple sticky wilds is high.

Similarly, the odds of getting a spread of standard payouts are in your favour.  If you are lucky, you can easily bank a few hundred dollars – all via the Juicy Stakes login and the extraordinary generosity of Juicy Stakes online casino!

We all know it takes infinite patience to trigger free spins.  In this brand-new Betsoft slot, however, you don’t have to wait for the gameplay to do the honours.  Rather, you can hit the buy in button, pay the bet-associated fee and unlock the complimentary game rounds on-demand!

What is the most you can win playing Stay Frosty slot at Juicy Stakes online casino?  According to the game developers, the top prize is 922 x the wager!

L’Arca Slot is a Homage to Noah’s Ark

L’Arca is a 243 ways to win online casino game based on the story of Noah’s ark.  It offers a more conventional slot machine experience, where game speed trumps theatrics.  Despite the childlike cartoon-style graphics and limited design features, there is plenty to like about the all-new World Match slot.

As the name dictates, you have to match animals one by one on the reels.  The story is slightly different in the slot iteration, as you have to match them from three up to five times.  When you do that, you can bank the virtual gold coins, which routinely explode from the gameboard.

Besides a comparatively generous pay table, the panda pays up to 30 x the bet and the Ark scatter activates 10 free spins.  The free games round can be retriggered back-to-back to deliver a total tally of up to 100 free spins! Now can you see how lucrative a Juicy Stakes login can be?

Go for the Pick Me Bonus Game

Land a panda (B), giraffe (O), crocodile (N), zebra (U) and buffalo (S), in that order, across the reels and you will unlock the second screen bonus game.  What is at stake when the word ‘BONUS’ appears onscreen?  Juicy cash prizes and matched multiplier values!

L’Arca slot may not be the most creative or unique slot in the Juicy Stakes online casino games suite.  That said, it is a fast-moving, high hit rate online casino game.  If you happen to hit an extended hot streak, L’Arca can quickly change a negative balance into a positive one.  Just as with the Juicy Stakes login, L’Arca offers functionality over fluff!

The Juicy States login is more than a free ticket to awesome entertainment.  It opens the door to a constantly changing selection of online casino bonuses and promotions designed with players, like you, in mind.  Go on, sign up and use the Juicy Stake login as your key to great gaming this festive season!


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