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You’ve got money in your wallet and the Juicy Stakes login tapped.  The next step is to find a casino classic that melts the heart.  Along with online blackjack and baccarat, there is an enduring game that always stands out.  It goes by the name of roulette… Roulette Privee, to be precise.

Find Casino Games for High Rollers Via the Juicy Stakes Login

As a high roller, it is often the table limits that spoil the fun.  At Juicy Stakes Casino, that is so not true.  We have designed our gaming menu with one aim in mind – and that is to provide high end online casino games for everyone!

As you are no doubt aware, online slots typically have a wide betting range.  Anything from $0.25 to $250 a spin is fair game.  This automatically places them in all betting level categories – whether you’re playing it safe or throwing caution to the wind with continues max bets.  Where slots do have an instant sobering effect is this…

The payouts in 3 and 5 reelers are not determined by the total stake.  Rather, it is the payline bet that establishes the value of all of the prizes – with the exception of the scatter wins.  That of course means even the high rollers have to do with a lot less.

Video poker is infinitely better.  Enter your details in the Juicy Stakes login and load Aces and Eights, Tens or Better or any one of our high hit rate video poker variants in your browser.  What do you see?  Adjustable lines, coin values and coins.

What that effectively means is big spenders can wager up to $1,000 per round.  Do the sums and even a lowly poker hand ranking like a two pair delivers double the money.  Hit a royal flush and you will literally be up to the eyeballs in dollar bills!

Standard, Pro and Privee Online Roulette

When it comes to online roulette, we have divvied up the options on your behalf.   All the roulettes listed under the World Match tab are available as low, medium and high stakes tables.  That includes our American Roulette, Fair Roulette and French Roulette – Fair being the equivalent of the European variant.

It is not only online roulette that is available at high stakes.  The Juicy Stakes login provides near-instant access to Blackjack Privee too.  That is Juicy Stakes Casino equivalent of the VIP tables and private salons of the brick-and-mortar gaming halls in Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo – the legendary Salon Privé!

How can you tell one virtual table from the next?  The clue is in the title of the game.  Here is a breakdown of the available options, together with the respective minimum and maximum bets:

  • American / Fair / French Roulette - $0.10 to $70
  • American / Fair / French Roulette Pro - $1.00 to $700
  • American / Fair / French Roulette Privee - $10 to $7,000

Besides the sliding scale table limits, the colour of the gaming interface is a vibrant indicator of the respective stakes.  The standard roulettes are played on traditional green felt.  The Pro games are contested on royal blue.  Rather fittingly, high stakes games are denoted by a hot red layout!

Play American, French or Fair Roulette at Juicy Stakes Casino?

Now that we have identified the respective tables, how about the variant?  Which of the high stakes online roulettes is the best?  Is it American, Fair or French Roulette?

It is common knowledge that American Roulette has a higher house edge than its counterparts.  The inclusion of an additional double zero pocket means you have a 1 in 38 chance, rather than a 1 in 37 chance of hitting a winning number.  Here’s the issue.  The 35 to 1 odds for a straight up numbers bet have not been adjusted to reflect the discrepancy.

The results of this wheel ‘tampering’ is a jump in the house edge.  Rather than dealing with the 2.70% edge of the European and French variants, you have to contend with 5.27% instead.  Play the double zero game at Juicy Stakes Casino and you are up against almost double the built-in advantage to the house!

On that fact alone, you can safely rule out American Roulette – notwithstanding the stakes on offer.  That leaves Fair Roulette or French Roulette as your destination of choice immediately after the Juicy Stakes login.  The question is – which one on these two do you go for?

Truth be told, the only overt difference between these two variants is the terms used to describe the outside bets on the rectangular layout.  Other than that, the odds, bets and gameplay are precisely the same across both Roulette games.

Unlike land-based casinos that occasionally offer French Roulette with the En Prison and La Partage rules in-play, you won’t find that here at Juicy Stakes Casino.  If you were wondering… no, we are not referring to infamous prisons, like Devil’s Island, Château d'If or Alcatraz!

European Roulette Bet Types and Odds

What can you win playing online roulette via the Juicy Stakes login?  Well, it all depends upon the bet or bets you have in-play.  Here are the outside and inside bets available in French and Fair Roulette, together with the corresponding odds:

Outside Bets

French Roulette

Fair Roulette


Rouge / Noir

Red / Black


Pair / Impair

Odd / Even








Premiere P12

1st 12


Milieu M12

2nd 12


Dermiere D12

3rd 12





Inside Bets







Transversele Plein






Transversele Simple

Six Line


Quatre Premier

First Four


In addition to the standard roulette bets, both variants offer what is known as announced bets, call bets, combination bets or French bets.  They are essentially groupings of standard online roulette bets like splits, corners and straight up numbers bets.

If you’ve got bucks to burn, the French bets can be lucrative.  That said, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the bet types and game mechanics before you plunge right on in.  Articles like “What are the ‘French Bets’ in Roulette?” that you’ll find here in our ‘Casino News’ archive are really helpful resources you can read prior to activating your Juicy Stakes login.

Sign Up, Use the Juicy Stakes Login to Unlock Great Gaming

If you haven’t as yet registered a Juicy Stakes Casino account, now is the time.  Simply tap on the ‘Join Now’ button on the top right of the page.  That way, you get access to the online casino games, bonuses and banking methods via the Juicy Stakes login in no time at all.  Whatever the betting stakes you feel comfortable with, we’ve got the games for you!


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