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When the moon is full, the earth is painted in a silvery light.  Wolves howl into the night and demons awaken to wreak havoc on our souls.  If you want to mitigate the lunar effects and augment your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, here are the best casino slots for a full moon.

Moon Madness and Lunacy

Since time immemorial, the lunar cycles have affected human behaviour.  Great thinkers like Aristotle and Pliny the Elder associated madness with the moon.  The Romans extrapolated the idea even further by referring to madness as lunacy, a Latin term that means moonstruck in English.

What is the best way to make use of the extended period of bright light?  By opening Juicy Stakes Online Casino in your browser and playing casino games into the wee hours of the night.  That way, you will delay the onslaught by eerie, other worldly creatures like vampires, body snatchers and the occasional zombie.

Frequent Player Points, Gold Chips and Loyalty Levels

How can gambling online enhance your juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  That is the easy part.  Every dollar you feed into the virtual slot machines automatically counts towards your frequent player points tally.  Once your FPP balance is up where it should be, you can cash in the points for Gold Chips.  You can also start your journey ever upwards in the VIP Loyalty Levels… where bigger and better gratuities await.

Come full moon – whether it is a blue moon or blood moon – here are the online slots you can play to keep psychosis at bay.  When you hit the big paying bonus features, and we know you will, there will be more money to spend on gearing up your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus to an entirely new level… and believe us when we say no pun is intended!

Moon Bitten Slot – Bats, Vampires and Blood Spatters

Tap on the Nucleus Gaming tab at Juicy Stakes Online Casino and you will have a ghoulish selection of slots available on-demand.  All are equally enticing in terms of game themes, graphics and features but one stands out as a full moon thriller and that is Moon Bitten slot.

Build the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus Quick-Quick

Moon Bitten slot is a 6 reel and 30 payline game with a wide betting range that extends from $0.30 to $30 a spin.  That of course means it is perfectly equipped for frugal bettors and high rollers.  When you throw caution to the wind and hit the max bet button it is a sure sign you are willing to build your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus in an accelerated fashion.

That is the word about the game mechanics.  Now how about the theme?  Truth be told, the theme doesn’t take more than a little bit of guesswork.  If you are not sure what bite plus moon alludes to, how about those ferociously fanged blood sucking besties that love to nibble on the exposed necks of their victims?

Win Up to $960K

Yup, you have guessed right.  Moon bitten slot is a vampire themed slot that has a lot of sweet stuff integrated into play.  What is the main attraction?  Does a single win of up to $965,620 hit the right spot?  How about eight retriggerble free spins where blood spatters can turn up to eight standard gaming symbols wild?

Bats are big in Moon Bitten slot as there is not one but two types of bat symbol, a single bat and a double bat… all of which are in full flight.  They can act in combination and when that happens you can get up to 12 bats on a payline.  What does that mean in terms of dollars and cents?  Payouts of up to 500 x the line bet.

Gamble Feature - Red-Hot… or Not!

If that doesn’t get the gambling juices flowing, maybe the fact you can double all or half of your winning will perk you up.  All it takes is a coin toss and that means you have a 50% probability of winning… or losing!  That is the gamble you have to be prepared to take.

Now to the next recommended full moon themed video slot and this time the grey wolf should be in your sights.

Wolf Moon Rising Slot – Instant Wins, Free Spins and Double the Money

Howling at the moon is the preferred activity of dogs, coyotes and wolves.  In Wolf Moon Rising slot, Canis lupus is not only the title character, it’s the progenitor of instant wins on the reels.  In fact, every time the howling wolf icon lands on the reels, you are paid out and pronto!

Wild Wins of Up to 7,500 x the Line Bet

Play the game like you mean business – and by that we mean with an eye firmly on your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and you can hit a single win of up to 7500 x the line bet.  What do you have to do to achieve that?  Line up five wilds on a payline.

Easily Activated Free Spins Where Wins are Doubled

If that seems like an improbable task, maybe the mystical feather talisman as the scatter is more to your liking. When three or more appear anywhere on the gaming interface, you are awarded 12 free spins where wins pay both ways and all prizes are doubled!

Plenty of Speed and Reel Action

Wolf Moon Rising is a 25-line Betsoft Gaming slot and one that is imbued with plenty of speed and payout action.  Free spins are activated relatively easily and during the complimentary game time payout combinations are a dime a dozen.

With 2 x win multipliers in-play in the free games feature, there really is money to be made when you play Wolf Rising slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino – full moon or not!  Go on, give your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus a shove in the right direction and play awesome video slots backlit by moonbeams!


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