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Activating the Juicy Stakes login is the first step to gaming success… and learning the finer points of gambling is the next!  If you think online blackjack is your game, here are a few valuable tips to get you off to a positive start.

What to Do After Your Juicy Stakes Login

Once you have punched your details into the Juicy Stakes login section, what next?  Do you dive right in and load the first blackjack game that comes along onto your desktop or phone?  The quick answer is ‘No’.  You are better off getting acquainted with the dos and don’ts of playing blackjack online.

What you must recognise is there are important decisions you have to make long before you ante up.  The reason being is there are dozens of different blackjack games available online.  We are not only talking about diversification in terms of gaming platform and software supplier.  There is a lot more to the genre than what meets the eye.

When you search for blackjack online, you will find games with different rules, side bets, odds and payback percentages.  The issue here is the impact these factors can have on the:

  1. length of your gaming sessions and
  2. balance in your online casino account.

Make the incorrect choice and there is a good chance you will plough through your bankroll in the blink of an eye.  The question is – how do you navigate your way through all the options and find the most suitable gambling opportunity?

The answer isn’t as complex as you may think.  In fact, you can base your online blackjack selection on just three key elements.  They are the odds, the rules and the average return to player (RTP) or payback percentage.

Tread Lightly When it Comes to Blackjack Side Bets

More importantly, you must suppress the urge to play side bet blackjack.  These are the games with optional bets linked to unbelievable odds.  Why do we advise you to tread lightly when it comes to blackjack side bets?

There are two reasons for our cautionary warning:

  1. If the odds are unbelievable, the probability of hitting the required outcome is statistically low to non-existent.
  2. The risk of losing money is sky high simply because you do not have the experience nor the skills to make strategic decisions.

In fact, there is only one scenario where you can monetise the Juicy Stakes login in this regard – and that is to chase the optional side bets when you are ahead in the game.  Once you have gained a profit playing blackjack online, you can afford to risk a portion of the winnings.  The reason being is you are fundamentally paying for the gambling activity with the casino’s own cash.  If you lose, you won't feel the pinch in your pocket – and if you win, so much the better!

Let’s get back to the three factors that can affect how much money you win or lose via the Juicy Stakes login…

Play Online Blackjack with Favourable Odds

How much your bet yields when you win is arguably the most critical factor in any online casino game.  When it comes to blackjack, there are only two payouts.  They are doled out when you hit a natural blackjack and/or achieve a winning hand.

In almost all blackjack games – online and at real-life casinos – you get paid even money (1:1 odds) for beating the dealer.  It is the odds for the natural blackjack that can differ… and pretty markedly too.

The first rule is to only play the games that pay 3:2 for a blackjack.  That is one and half times (1.5 x) the value of your bet.  At Stakes Casino, all our cross-software blackjack games pay out at favourable 3:2 odds.

That said, there are gaming platforms and B&M casinos that offer comparatively awful odds.  If you come across a game that pays 6:5, you are clearly not in the right place.  You’d be much better offer registering an account and using the Juicy Stakes login to access our eclectic selection of online casino games!

The Rules of Blackjack Online

The rules of the game are as important as the odds.  They define the core elements of gameplay, such as:

  • when the dealer must stand and
  • under what circumstances the player can split, double down and surrender… if indeed the surrender option is permitted.

The rules also inform players as to the number of decks there are in-play and how often the decks are shuffled.

Ideally, you want to bet real money on online blackjack where:

  • dealer hits on 17
  • double down is permitted on all hand totals and after the split
  • players can split more than once and on unlike 10 value cards.

As for the number of decks in play, in online blackjack the adage ‘less is more’ applies.  That means the best game in this respect is single deck blackjack.  The only problem is you will be hard pressed to find this type of game – either online or in the gaming halls of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The truth is single deck blackjack has gone out of fashion.  At one point in time, it was a popular variation.  In fact, the single deck game was key to player attraction and retention.  It was usually offered for a limited time only as part of a one-off promotion.

These days, the single deck game has all but disappeared.  The reason being is its negative effect on the house edge!  So, what has replaced the original single-deck blackjack variant in our current day and age, especially at top online casinos like Juicy Stakes?

When you hit the Juicy Stakes login and browse through our blackjack games, you will find there are two options in terms of decks in the shoe.  It boils down to game development brand:

  1. World Match – 6 decks
  2. Tangente Gaming – 8 decks

The Average Blackjack Payback Percentage

The final factor to consider when selecting an online blackjack game is the payback percentage or RTP.  This is the theoretical long-term return the game offers to all players.  It is the opposite of the house edge and expresses how much you can expect to get back on every $1 wagered.

The higher the payback percentage, the more money you can expect to get back over hundreds or even thousands of game rounds.  The RTP is not an immediate reflection of how much you will win or lose.  Rather, it is an historical indication of the game’s expected value.

How do the blackjack games at Stakes Casino fair in this regard?  When it comes to classic blackjack, the average RTP of the World Match and Tangente games is 99.44% and 99.30%, respectively.  You will find the average payback percentage is typically lower in variants like Face Up 21 and Double Draw Blackjack.

What that immediately suggests is this.  You have a better chance of winning a few dollars playing the classic version of blackjack online.  That said, you do need to be a signed-up member with bona fide Juicy Stakes login credentials to enjoy access to our download or mobile-optimised instant play platform. The good news is registering an account is easy.

The first step is to hit the Join Now tab at the top right of the page.  It is the equivalent to your key card or fob to the most high-tech vehicles on the road today.  Then it is simply a matter of entering your details on the online registration form, including your chosen Juicy Stakes login credentials.

At that point, the casino software will automatically generate an email with a live link to confirm your registration.  That’s it.  From then on in, you can use your Juicy Stakes login to access Stakes Casino and our popular online poker platform!


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