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Are you looking to fire up the payout rate at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Truth be told, a dragon – or perhaps two or three – is all that is required.  As a provider of optimal quality animated casino games, we feature dragon-themed slots stacked with features.

Dragons Capable of Delivering Multi-Rewards on the Reels

Here is your chance to get blown away by big wins and have a roaring good time to boot!  We have trained our dragons to mobilise on the reels with only one thing in mind – to deliver the goods… or else.

What are ‘the goods’ in the context of dragon themed slots at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  That all depends on which casino slot or slots you choose to play.  What we can say for sure is they vary from expanding wild wins and progressive jackpot prizes to animated theatrics above and beside the reels.

What Are Dragons?

Before we get into best dragon slots at Stakes Casino, let’s take a closer look at the mythical fire-breathing beast.  It is a legendary creature featuring prominently in mythology, stories and fairy tales related by different cultures across the world.

Depending on which resources you refer to, dragons are either evil or benevolent.  They are scaly winged creatures on four legs or large serpentine monsters, which can’t walk or fly.  The dragons we have ensnared at Stakes Casino are a little bit of both!

A Cross-Cultural Symbol of Good or Bad

In the Far Eastern tradition dragons are symbols of wisdom and supernatural powers.  They are the motif of Imperial China and represent Yang – heaven, activity and masculinity.  In Mediterranean Europe, the ‘drakon’ is a sizeable serpent that is neither good nor bad.

Further north, the dragon is a sharp-eyed intelligent beast living in the deepest parts of the earth.  Today, the mythical half snake half bird takes pride of place on the Welsh flag, the coat of arms of the Prince of Wales and the arms of Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Dragons Prominent in Pop Culture

Shift across to popular culture and dragons are the toast of Hollywood.  Reams of celluloid feature these fierce and occasionally friendly characters starring in hit movies like Dragon Slayers, Dragonheart and How to Train Your Dragon.

At Stakes Casino the ancient adage ‘here there be dragons’ most definitely applies.  In fact, multiple software suppliers, from Nucleus Gaming to World Match and Betsoft Gaming, have come up with creative dragon slots… some of which we will delve into in more detail right here.

Dragon Reels Slot – Classical Imagery and Hefty Payline Wins

World Match has integrated dynamic green-eyed dragons into the design of the 5 reel and 25 payline Dragon Reels slot.  It is an online casino game with all the essential elements required for entertaining online gambling sessions.

An Impressive Pay Table

Although the structure, features and dynamics are largely conventional, there are good few surprises in store for players at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  The big hurrah is the base game payouts, which culminate at 2,500 x the line bet for five simultaneous wilds.

Thereafter there are three additional high paying symbols capable of generating a max of 250 x up to 1,500 x per payline wager.  Not a bad payday for any slot at Stakes Casino.

Conventional Bonus Features

As usual, the best real money returns lie in the bonus features.  In the 10-strong scatter activated free spins round, all prizes are doubled.  Trigger the pick me bonus game and there are random rewards hidden in the dragon eggs.

If that is not enough to keep the wins rolling in, a random symbol blast feature scrambles all the existing icons to deliver a second shot at hitting cascades of gold coins.  Dragon Reels slot may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or unique online casino game at Stakes Casino, but the pay table says it all!

Dragon Kings Slot – Dragons are Where the Reel Treasures Reside

Where Dragon Reels is conventional, Dragon Kings slot is seriously avant-garde.  The sensational Stakes Casino slot features a 5 plus 1 reel set, five exceedingly generous colour-coded dragons and four progressive jackpots.

A Juicy Stakes Casino Slot of a Divinely Different Mould

If you are on a quest for a dragon slot that dares to be different, this Betsoft Gaming extravaganza ticks the box.  The audio is jazzy rather than dramatic and payline wins come in thick and fast.

The wild is the fierce-looking golden Dragon King, which auto-expands to fill all the positions on the reel.  It doubles all prizes.  The scatter pays out at multiples of the total stake and activates six, ten or 15 free spins.

What You Win at Juicy Stakes Online Casino… When Dragons Appear

What type of treasures are the dragons jealously guarding?  Here is what the big fellas deliver each time they make a cameo appearance on the reels:

  • Blue dragon – one free reel respin
  • Red dragon – random instant prizes up to 400 x the line bet
  • Black dragon – 3 x multiplier
  • White dragon – one or more additional fire-breathing beasts pop up to its left or right

An Expanded Reels Set for an Exclusive Bonus Symbol

What is the purpose of the expanded reel set?  The sixth ‘reel’ is really a separate window.  It displays just one position which is sporadically filled with one symbol – the so-called Magical Dragon Pearl.  For the remainder of the time the window is blank.

The Magical Dragon Pearl is an essential component required for triggering the four progressive jackpots.  It acts in tandem with clearly defined sequences of special symbols and only ever appears on the sixth reel which, as we know, is basically a bonus window.

How to Win the Progressive Jackpots in Dragon Kings Slot

Here is how you can scoop up one of four super rich cash prizes at Stakes Casino:

  1. Bronze jackpot – golden wild Dragon King plus one dragon plus the Magical Dragon Pearl
  2. Silver jackpot – golden wild Dragon King plus two dragons plus the Magical Dragon Pearl
  3. Gold – golden wild Dragon King plus three dragons plus the Magical Dragon Pearl
  4. Diamond – golden wild Dragon King plus all four dragons plus the Magical Dragon Pearl

The triggering dragons must be of two, three or four different colours in order to hit the big time.  According to the game developers, the larger the stake, the higher the probability is of winning one of four jackpots.

How Do We Rate Dragon Kings Slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?

In our estimation, it is an action-packed slot with a quick turnover of spins.  The free spins feature is comparatively easy to trigger and the wild appears every so often to boost the win rate.   Even the dragons are frequent visitors, so there is always something positive happening in terms of dollars and cents!

Dragon Watch Slot – Awesome Effects and a Hyperactive Dragon

If gaming animation is your thing, Dragon Watch slot is a creative masterpiece.  It is a product of the Nucleus Gaming studios and one that is most definitely worth a spin.  Although the base game payouts may appear a bit lean, the bonus features more than make up for it.

The Animated Dragon is the Key to Big Wins

In this Stakes Casino dragon slot, the title character is key to how much you bank on the reels.  In fact, the dragon is capable of generating matching symbols, creating symbol stacks valued at 3 x the standard value and nudging the reels up or down.

There is a wild that acts as a scatter too, activating a free spins round consisting of five bonus spins.  Before the gratis game time begins, your job is to choose locations on the reels matching the number of activating wilds.

Crack Dragon’s Eggs for Instant Prizes

Each location reveals a dragon’s egg containing one of four instant prizes automatically applied to the action in the free spins round:

  • Multipliers up to 4 x the total free spins wins
  • Two, three or five extra free spins
  • Cash payouts of up to 20 x the current stake
  • One reel is wild during free spins

What is the Juicy Stakes Online Casino verdict when it comes to Dragon Watch slot?  One word… ‘great’!


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