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You have money in the pocket and an insatiable urge to play slots or blackjack or roulette. Sign up at a virtual gaming platform like Juicy Stakes and you can play all three. The question is, how can you keep your online casino account from springing a leak? When that happens it is data and cash that goes down the drain!

The trick is to play safe and smart. How do you do that? You take an intuitive approach to the how, where and when of gaming. In other words, you do a bit of sleuthing as to the legitimacy and reliability of the gaming platform, the games and even the internet connection.

Not sure how to begin the quest for secure and protected play? The first step is to check out our online casino security tips. They are sure to guide you in the right direction – one that culminates in a sharp tap or click of the Juicy Stakes ‘Join Now’ tab!

Be Savvy About Your Selection of Online Casino

The infinite expanses of the World Wide Web host literally hundreds of online casinos. Most of them are wrapped in slickly designed skins featuring funky colours, logos and branding. On the face of it, these ‘casinos’ may look like the real deal – but it is what is under the hood that counts.

One of the most critical online casino security tips we can share with you is don’t be hoodwinked by a professionally designed landing page or casino lobby. It may just be a front for a rogue operator. There are dozens of nefarious actors out there who will happily take your money with no intention – ever – of paying out your winnings.

How do you determine whether an online casino is a good or bad bet? You do not rely purely on aesthetics, that is for sure. You do a bit of digging on the internet instead.

There are loads of review and referral sites operating in the online gambling niche. When an online casino or poker room gets the nod of approval from trusted sites like Slots Play Casinos, it is safe to sign up, bet and play.

On that score, Slots Play Casinos has assigned an ‘above average safety index’ to Juicy Stakes!

Another far easier way of getting an idea of site security is to check the URL in your browser’s address bra. If it starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP, you know the security is up to scratch. A locked padlock is another failsafe indication that the site has maximised player protection.

The Juicy Stakes web address is preceded by HTTPS – as in https://www.juicystakes.eu/

Check for a Bona Fide Gaming License

Our online casino security tips would largely be irrelevant if we did not include the importance of the casino’s licensing authority. An operating license issued by a bona fide gaming jurisdiction or government agency is the key seal of approval.

A license certifies that the gaming establishment is legit in two ways. 1) It is fully compliant with industry standards 2) It operates within the ambit of the law. When an online casino is not licensed or regulated, walk away. It is as simple as that!

Juicy Stakes operates under a gaming licence granted by the government of Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles.

Determine What Measures Are in Place to Maximise Site Security

Right, you have whittled down the numbers based on reviews, recommendations and licensing. Number three of our online casino security tips relates to site security. It refers to the protocols the casino has adopted to protect your personal and financial data.

Some online casinos post basic info about their security measures onsite. If the information is not readily available, contact the casino support team via the live chat facility or email. Be sure to ask pointed questions like:

  • What kind of encryption technology is used to protect data?
  • Does the casino store information onsite or on a separate server?
  • Are the servers protected by firewalls?
  • Are there intrusion detection systems in place to monitor network traffic and prevent unauthorised access to the servers and systems?
  • Does the casino conduct regular security audits to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities?

If the online casino can answer those questions to your satisfaction, it is G for Go!

Juicy Stakes uses a combination of SSL encryption technology, firewalls and intrusion detection software to safeguard player data.

Bolster Your Login Credentials

Your data is only as secure as your login credentials. That leaves the onus on you to keep your username and password strictly confidential – even from people you think you can trust. That is one way you can bolster site security.

The other is to choose a strong and unique password. Your password should have no bearing on your birthday, the pets’ or kids’ names or even where you live. It should be completely disassociated from your life.

The ideal password is at least 12 characters long. It is random mix of letters, numerals and symbols. You can conjure up the ‘access code’ yourself or you can use a password manager to do it on your behalf.

Here is one of the online casino security tips of the decade – and one that is constantly overlooked. Avoid saving the password on your devices. That way you can prevent easy access to your online casino account via a stolen or misplaced phone, tablet or laptop!

Play Over a Secure Internet Connection

We know playing online casino games in the coffee shop, train station, restaurant or airport is always tempting. If you gamble using mobile data, that is A-OK. Use public Wi-Fi and you may save on data but lose a lot more than a couple of dollars or Euro.

Why is the use of public Wi-Fi a no-no? For the simple reason that there are no advanced security measures and protocols in place. In other words, there is a high risk of some or other cyberattack.

Risks of Playing Online Casino Games on a Public Network

The most common security risk on public Wi-Fi are MitM attacks – that stands for Man in the Middle. This is when a third party intercepts the communication between your device and the online casino’s server.

Any data transferred between the two can easily be nicked – your credit card details, user name and password and personal information like your full name, social security number, mobile phone number and home address. With that sort of info anyone can steal your identify and that is problematic.

Another potential risk associated with the use of public Wi-Fi is that of rogue networks. These networks are so sophisticated they look and feel like the genuine article. The only problem is they are designed to fulfil only one role – to capture sensitive data.

Then there is always the chance of a malware infection. Cybercriminals target public networks for the simple reason that they can. If you do not regularly update your device with the latest security patches and choose to play online casino games on an open network, you are vulnerable to attack.

Online Casino Security Tips Keep Everything Safe!

For the most part, our online casino security tips are couched in common sense. If you think an online casino is dodgy, it probably is. Similarly, playing in a public place may be a fun but only once you have loaded your device with data first.

Follow our online casino security tips and here is the deal. You will always be paid out what you are owed, in full and on time. Plus, the important stuff like banking details, confidential personal info and the money in your online casino account is safe.

What is the standout trick in our box of online casino security tips?

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