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How do you perform way beyond your expectations?  That’s easy – by competing against other people!  At Juicy Stakes Casino, we see a bit of fair rivalry as essential to developing skills to the next level.  Here is what we are doing to drive competition…

Slots Tournaments are Key Promotional Events at Juicy Stakes Casino

When you visit Juicy Stakes Casino, one of the main category tabs on the home page is labelled ‘Offers’.  This is where we publish the current Stakes Casino bonuses and promotions.  What you will frequently find among a host of super-cool incentives, is one or more standout events, key of which are our wildly popular online slots tournaments.

These are the events that allow our players to prove their prowess.  Those who do end the promotional period at the top end of the tournament leader board, are duly rewarded… in dollar denominated bills.

How Juicy Stakes Online Slots Tournaments Work

Now for the nuts and bolts on how the slots tournaments work at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  We allocate points to our tournament players based on betting activity.  The more paid spins you generate, the more points you earn at a rate specified in the tournament rules.

In order to maintain a consistently fair points allocation process, across all eligible tournament slots, points are linked to a particular bet value, rather than a specified number of reel spins.

Choose from Multiple Tournament Slots

That brings us to the next point.  Our tournaments typically feature three to four different online slots titles.  That way, competitors have a chance to earn extra money and explore a few golden oldies or brand-new additions to the Stakes Casino games library – at the same time.

Why It Pays to Prep for Online Slots Tourneys

Not only does the availability of multiple tournament slots maximise the enjoyment factor, but it also gives well prepared players a slight head start.  You might wonder how

Plainly put, players who familiarise themselves with the respective pay tables and bonus features have a better idea of which games to bet on in order to harness the best possible payout potential.  It also doesn’t hurt to know your way around the game before going up against other players!

Your Chance to Win Cash Prizes and Conventional Payouts

Online slots tournaments are a vehicle to extra winnings.  The prizes allocated to the first 15 or 20 players are over and above the payouts awarded for matching symbol combinations on the reels.  In other words, you keep your standard winnings – the tournament prizes are an added bonus.

Accordingly, the online casino games with the most lucrative game mechanics should be on the radar.  That way, you can earn points at the given rate simply for placing bets and stand a chance of banking a whack of cash in the form of conventional winnings.

Online casino slots featuring prize multipliers, morphing wilds, infinite reel respins and plenty of free game rounds are going to be a lot more financially rewarding than standard games with only scatters and wilds.

How Much Can You Win in Slots Tournaments at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?

All the tournaments at Stakes Casino offer a defined prize pool.  This is the total amount of available prize money which is divvied up among the top performers on the leader board.

The size of the prize pool depends upon the ‘sponsor’ of the event.  If it is a local tournament, sponsored by Juicy Stakes Online Casino, prizes can range from $400 to $500 for the number one spot on the leader board to $5 to $10 for the player or players who finish in the 15th or 16th position.

If, however, the tournament is a network event funded by a particular software supplier or game development brand, the prize pool will be that much more valuable.  In fact, our race tournaments usually offer pretty impressive prize pools, ranging from around $3.5k to $5k and more.

How to Enter Slots Tournaments at Stakes Casino

In major events, like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and Super High Roller Bowl, players have to qualify for the events and then fight it out for a seat at the main table.  This involves playing multiple satellite events live or online.

At Juicy stakes Casino, we don’t expect you to play your way into the competition.  In fact, you can qualify for our local and network slots tournaments simply be betting real money on any of the eligible titles over the promotional period, which is usually one full week.

Can You Cash Out the Tournament Prize Money at Juicy Stakes?

If you happen to land in a qualifying space on the leader board at the end of a tournament, you are entitled to cash out what you have won.  Our only requirement is you playthrough the value of the prize at least once at Stakes Casino.

The games eligible for the playthrough are usually from the same software supplier as the tournament slots.  If, for example, the featured slots in the event were World Match slots, you would have to rollover the prize money on World Match slots.

Sign Up and Login to Juicy Stakes Casino Today

Do you want to claim your share of tournament prizes?  All that is required is a quick online account registration and you are on your way.  Once you have funded your Juicy Stakes Casino account, all the games, bonuses, promotions and tournaments are yours for the taking.  Join now!


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