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The selection of slots at Juicy Stakes Casino is never static – and this time around, there is a game theme suitable for everyone.  From beautiful girls and archaeological treasures to carton-style tropical fish, it is time to sign up and settle in for the long haul.

An Overview of 3 New World Match slots at Juicy Stakes Casino

If you are looking for an extraordinarily delightful online casino game with elements of Disney thrown in, check out Shark Go slot.  It is a Stakes Casino special that pays out like a well-oiled real money production line.

That is one new online casino game available at the fingertips and it is as cute as cute can be.  Shark Go slot is also banged up with bonus features… but more about that a little later on.

Now, we know not everyone is into Nemo look-alikes… so how about The Club?  It is a alluring slot aimed at the opposite gender who need a lift.  In this lascivious 15 liner, there are babes aplenty to deliver oh la la game play which has the potential to fill up the Juicy Stakes Online Casino account… pronto.

We have covered a slot for the child lurking deep within and we have honed right into the girlie game.  What is left in terms of new games at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Can it appeal to the more serious minded?  It most certainly can, as it is themed on the Pharaonic era when treasures were plentiful and tons of coinage part of the package.

That is a brief overview of the brand-new video slots turning heads at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Now for a more in-depth expose of the payouts and features associated with each.

Shark Go Slot – A Feature Rich Story About… Fish

We have already ascertained Shark Go slot is an awesomely animated real money rendition in the Finding Nemo genre.  Despite its childlike appeal, this Stakes Casino slot has the potential to fill up the piggy bank… all in one go!

Hit the pink striped grunter with a serious overbite and you can bank up to 1,000 x the line bit.  That is not funny money by any stretch of the imagination, especially considering a betting range that maxes out at $20 a pop – that is $2 a line bet.  Shoot, who wouldn’t want a $2,000 fillip, compliments of flappy the top paying fish?

Free Spins and a Pick Me Bonus Game

Conventional payouts aside, there are multiple features to juice up the payout rate at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  The octopus is wild and three or more pearl icons deliver 5, 10 or 15 free spins.  In the free game round the octopus likes to stick around and that can mean lots and lots of payline wins.

To top off a money-making candy-coloured marine extravaganza, there is a pick me bonus game – where you have to decide which fish sharkie can eat.  There is also an infinitely rewarding respin feature that goes on and on provided there are payline wins in the picture.

During respins, winning symbols drop off into the deep blue and are replaced by new sets of icons – and maybe, just maybe, the paying combos continue in a self-sustaining circle generating genuine dollar bills!

How do we rate the 5 reel and 10 payline World Match slot? Infinitely rewarding!

The Club Slot – Suitable for the Gentlemen

The Club slot is not naughty per se – but it is bound to get the fellas hopping around in their seats.  How come?  The bulk of the icons are well endowed and beautifully groomed ladies who pay out plenty, as opposed to the other way around.

Who are the gals with the deepest pockets?  The blonde delivers up to 500 x the line bet.  She is followed by the dark-haired beauty in a top hat, who is capable of spinning a cool 300 x on the reels.

Massive Wild Multipliers Up to 8 x!

As can be expected from quality Stakes Casino slots, there is a wild which multiplies the line win by up to 8x. That is a whack of cash which could be yours, especially when betting the $30 max per spin!

What other surprises are in store for you at The Club?  How about a randomly allocated number of free spins – or a pick me bonus game?  Well, it is yes… and yes again.

Instant Cash Win

It doesn’t end there though...  There is another bonus in store for you, and it requires a bit of automated dexterity on the reels.  Here is how it works.  When you line up the two icons, which together spell out ‘The Club’, you will bank a cash win proportional to the size of your wager!

We have catered for the bad boys at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, now how about the folk who love to delve into ancient cultures?  At Stakes Casino we have got every eventuality covered as is evident from our next gaming showpiece…

Fantastic Egypt Slot – Meet a Particularly Generous Pharoah

Although the Ancient Egyptian theme may be a bit overdone, the all-new World Match slot at Juicy Stakes Casino is most definitely worth a spin.  Besides a bright and colourful gaming interface packed with richly adorned iconography, it is the top payout that elicits a gasp!

Roll five pharaohs onto the reels and you will scoop up 2,500 x the line bet.  Thereafter his queen and the effigy of the god Anubis pay out the next best prizes of 1,000 x and 250 x a piece.

Win Up to $2,500 in the Base Game

How much can you win in terms of cash in the base game?  Well, if you activated all 25 paylines and used the highest available bet level, you would be $2,500 better off – and that is for only one big paying combo!

How can you enhance the pay out rate at Stakes Casino with Fantastic Egypt slot fired up on your device?  There is a conventional wild to sweeten the pot in the base game.  Hit the correct triggering combo and there are 10 free spins secreted on the reels.  During the complementary game time all wins are instantly doubled.

Expect More Profitable Juicy Stakes Casino Gaming Sessions

When all is said and done, it is the generous pay table that will undoubtedly prompt players at Juicy Stakes Online Casino to return to Fantastic Egypt slot again and again.

It may not have the entertainment value of Shark Go slot or the adult theme of The Club slot – both of which can be considered rich in bonus features – but overall, your gaming sessions at Stakes Casino are likely to be that much more profitable!


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