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When you think about classic gambling a few images probably come to mind.  One of the more quintessential images associated with the casino is the activity around the roulette tables – croupiers calling the bets, players scooping up chips and the click of the balls as they come to rest in the pockets.

Along with blackjack and slots, roulette is the beating heart of the casino.  At the best gambling destinations online – and we are obviously referring to Juicy Stakes here – players have a consummate choice of roulette games billed by the big three: American, European and French Roulette.

At issue here is the age-old question that boils down to what the real difference is between the three classic forms of roulette.  Following on from that, the second question usually relates to how you can boost the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus simply by playing roulette… or any other casino game for that matter!

Two Key Differences in American vs French vs European Roulette 

When you compare the three major forms of the game right here at Juicy Stakes, it is really only the extra pocket featuring double zero in American Roulette and two unique rules in French Roulette that are at odds.  In virtually every other respect the games are essentially the same.  

That of course means that the bets you place on the virtual layouts of any of the roulette games featured onsite carry exactly the same weight in terms of Frequent Player Points (FPPs).  As you are undoubtedly aware the more points you accumulate, the richer the potential balance of your personalised Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus becomes – but more about that dollarized gem a little further down the page! 

The Impact of the Double Zero in American Roulette 

Right, now back to a really crucial question.  What sort of impact does the double zero in American Roulette have on your bankroll?  Well, in truth, the addition of an extra pocket on the wheel can have a direct bearing of your hit frequency… and below we take a quick look at why this is.

Shorter Odds 

When you open Juicy Stakes Instant Play Casino, click on your preferred game supplier and load American Roulette onto your PC or phone, you will have a total of 38 potential straight bets to place on the layout – numbers 1 to 36 plus the 0 and 00 pockets.  In reality, what that does is it shortens the odds.  In other words, the probability of hitting a winning number out of the 38 possible numbers is less that it would be had you played the 37-pocket European or French Roulette instead.

High Edge and Low RTP 

In statistical terms, the double zero in American Roulette increases the house edge to 5.26%.  That in turn means the average return to player (RTP) is 94.74%.  How do these numbers stack up against those attributed to European Roulette?  Well, according to the number crunchers, the advantage to the house in the 37-pocket form of the game is 2.70% and the RTP is consequently 97.3%. 

That is quite a significant jump – and one that can make a material difference to your casino account.  It is, however, not only the RTP that can boost your coffers – it is our neat points-based rewards system.  The more money you spend on casino games, the more FPPs you will have to convert into a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

La Partage and En Prison Rules in French Roulette  

Now to the twin rules in French Roulette and how they can pump up the theoretical payout rate even more.  In this version of the game players have the benefit of the La Partage and/or En Prison rules – depending on the variant you are playing.  The La Partage rule states that you get half a losing outside bet back when the ball lands on zero.  Outside bets are those on the outside of the layout such as odd or even, red or black, zero and so on.

The En Prison rule essentially gives you a second opportunity to win an outside bet when the ball lands on zero.  When that happens, the bet remains in place on the layout for a second spin of wheel.  If the bet wins you get your En Prison wager back but if it loses it is retained by the house – which in this case is Juicy Stakes!

Statistical Boon for the Players

How do the La Partage and En Prison rules in French Roulette influence the statistical edge and payout rate? The good news is that you are the major beneficiary when it comes to the historical return to player.  In fact, at 98.65% and 1.35% French Roulette has the highest RTP and lowest edge, respectively, of all the roulette games that you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Casino!

How to Maximise the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus 

Now to the second part of the original question – how can you maximise the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus simply by playing roulette?  At Juicy Stakes we value you as a player.  To show our appreciation we reward you with Frequent Player Points every time you place a bet on our fabulous collection of Betsoft, LuckTap and WorldMatch casino games.  

Once you have accumulated sufficient points, they can be converted into Gold Chips at a conversion rate of 100:1.  Now for the real kicker…  You can redeem Gold Chips for hard cash – and that my friends is the essence of our constantly accumulating Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus! 

Do you want to exploit the low edge and high average return of French Roulette?  If you do, the online registration process at Juicy Stakes takes no more than a few minutes.  Once you have signed up and funded your account there is a free spins Welcome Bonus to get you going.

This paired with the endless ongoing promotions will keep you spinning the wheel on your preferred roulette version with no interruption.  So, go on – sign up, settle in and start building your balance with your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus right away!


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