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Juicy Stakes Casino is under siege.  Legions of players are commandeering our gaming platform with one aim in mind – to snatch a share of the treasure.  If you want a clear shot at the loot, play the WM pirate slots… before you get keelhauled for ill-discipline!

Grab a Treasure Trove of Juicy Stakes Casino Credits

What’s better than a flagon of rum?  A barrel of Juicy Stakes Casino credits neatly stashed on board a sailing vessel. You can act like Blackbeard, Long John Silver or Calico Jack and plunder your way to a small fortune.  Alternatively, you can bet on one of two pirate-themed World Match slots.

Choose the latter strategy and you won’t have to walk the plank or swing from the end of the rope.  All you have to do is register a real money account at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Once you are a signed-up member, you can login and lock and load some seriously entertaining gaming on your desktop or phone.

As expected from a legendary game development brand, World Match has come up with two buccaneering blockbusters.  Both offer:

  • generous payouts
  • multiple bonus modifiers
  • fun and interactive gameplay.

Plus, there is an inimitable X-factor – and it goes by the name of High Hit Frequency!

What are the smash and grab online casino games at Juicy Stakes Casino?  The first is a tribute to famous female pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  The second is a newly launched money spinner with a unique reel set and wild multiplier wheel.  Together they provide a chance to ransack the gaming kitty!

Here are all the salient facts about the swashbuckling multiline online slots available now at Juicy Casino…

Lady Pirate Slot – Chase Free Spins and Bonus Prizes

When it comes to the conventional, Lady Pirate slot is that and more.  The gameboard is structured as a straight up 5 x 3 reel set.  The bonus features are all familiar and include wilds, scatters and free spins.

Where this Juicy Stakes Casino slot shines is in terms of the pay table.  Hit the top paying combination and you can bank up to 2,000 x the payline bet.  You probably want to know what that is in genuine currency.

When all 25 paylines are active and there is a maximum wager in play, you can win precisely the equivalent of the posted payout in dollar bills!  In cash terms, that is $2k in exchange for $25!  Now that is not a bad ROI… even for a betting brigand, just like you!

All in all, there are 10 paying symbols.  All are fashioned as pirates or pirates’ paraphernalia.  When you take the top cash prize out of the equation, there’s plenty to smile about.

In fact, maximum payouts range from a low of 100 x the line bet to ten times that.  You do have to match five-of-kind on an active payline to enjoy that kind of payback!  That is the appetizer, now for the main course.

At Juicy Stakes Casino we don’t do things in half measure.  That sentiment applies to the bonus features in Lady Pirate slot.  There are 12 free spins up for grabs.  Hit the gratis game time and all prizes are doubled!

Then there is a rather novel bonus game.  It is triggered by three or more bonus icons.  What is more, it requires a brave heart and steady hand to capitalize on the bonus swag.

Fortunately, it is not your heart and hand that must prove deadly.  The ship’s canon automatically fires six shots at a passing merchant ship.  If any of them hit their mark, you could be in the money!

Now to our second recommended online casino game, the one and only…

Pirate’s Route Slot – Cash-In with a Wild Multiplier Wheel

The standout feature of this 15 payline Juicy Stakes Casino slot is its unique structure.  Rather than featuring five reels, it only has four containing irregular 5-4-4-5 symbol spots.  Sitting slap bang in the middle is the ship’s wheel – but this wheel is by no means ordinary!

What is remarkable about the ship’s wheel is it is neatly divided into segments.  Each segment denotes a prize multiplier valued between 1 x and 5 x.  The wheel itself is wild, spins along with the reels and never leaves its position.

What that of course means is payline wins are a dime-a-dozen at Juicy Stakes Casino.  In fact, you can bank on hitting a winning combination every other spin.  What is more, all prizes are multiplied by the value the indicator happens to land on.

As for the payouts themselves, they range from a high of 1,000 x the line bet to 10 x.  All are awarded for four matching symbols.  As you can imagine, the wild wheel is particularly prominent in generating cash wins.

Then there is a bit of complimentary game time to accelerate the payout rate.  All you have to do to unlock the free game rounds is hit three or four compass scatters.  When you do that, you are awarded 10 and 15 free spins, respectively.

To top it all, there is a precious gem-themed bonus game.  It delivers a cash prize for each horizontal alignment of three matching stones.  The best part of this bonus game is you are duly rewarded until such time the entire gameboard is filled with dazzling gemstones.

Sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino – Ladies & Gents Pirates are Welcome!

If you want to play Black Bart Roberts or Anne Bonny and be the captain of your own ship, sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Besides our fabulous selection of online slots, video pokers and table games, you’ll find a heap of loot to for a steal on our offers page.  Promos range from a welcome bonus to blackjack free bets… with plenty more sandwiched in-between!


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