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In some ways, online poker is a very different game than poker at land based casinos.  Here we will try to explain some of the similarities and differences between playing online or on land.   Most poker players these days are playing online - at Juicy Stakes Poker - for good reasons. Let’s take a close look!

The Rake

Both online poker rooms and land based poker rooms take a portion of the pot to offset expenses and provide a profit.  There are a lot more poker games going on at any online poker room than at any single land based room.  Therefore, the rake at online poker rooms is lower than at land based rooms.  When you win online, you win more.

Juicy Stakes Poker has a rake calculator that players can easily access so everyone knows how the rake is calculated for every pot.  Two tips to new poker players in reference to the rake is to understand the importance of the rake in making the poker room available and that the rake online is lower than the rake on land.

The Essential Importance of Taking a Break

It is important to get up and stretch.  It is important to visit the bathroom when Nature calls.  It is important to eat something, not a heavy meal that will make you drowsy but a piece of fruit or a salad.

Professional poker players at land based rooms know this well and rarely get caught playing too long between breaks.  It is usually easy to take a break when you are in first position and get poor cards.  The bet is to you, you fold, and get up for a break.

New poker players who have always done the overwhelming majority of their casino gambling at land based casinos may have developed the habit of staying in place for extra-long periods of time simply because they don’t want to lose their game.  We tell the gamers who play casino games at Juicy Stakes Casino to get up often.  They can never lose their seat at an online casino!

So, the tip in this area is to always take a break!  Get out of the habit of sitting for hours if you have devolved that habit.  It’s the easiest habit in the world to break; all you have to do is get up!

As we said, this habit is a lot more likely to develop in a land based casino player who needs to adjust his or her thinking to the poker game at hand.  It also affects online poker players to some extent but not nearly as often as it affects land based players.

Go Outdoors

This is part 2 of the previous tip.  After a session, it is very important to get outdoors.  Breathe in some fresh air.  Take a long walk.  A long walk doesn’t have to be an athlete’s walk; it can be more of  a stroll.  But it will get your blood circulating, it will put dome fresh oxygen in your blood, and it will refresh your mind.

Look all around you!  Poker is surely just a small part of the world you live in!  Enjoy everything the world has to offer which includes poker but doesn’t have to be defined by poker.

Going out can include hundreds of activities from walking to the mall (if the mall is at least a 30 minute walk from home) to walking in a part of town you generally see only from your car.

Set Up to Ge Together with Friends

This is part 3 of the first tip.  After a poker session, and after you get outside for a while, it is often very good to simply get together with friends.  If you have taken our advice delivered in previous articles, to wait until after the game to drink even one drop of alcohol, you might now really want a cold one!

Getting together with friends will calm your brain which is still pumping after a long session of poker.  You need to relax.  You can analyze the hands later when your mind is more relaxed.  In the meantime, give your mind a break, too!  Have a good time shooting the breeze with friends.

Set Aside Time for Study

If you are a serious poker player, you need to study.  This is a long haul; even the most pro pros pay attention to everything around them because they are students of the game even after decades of playing professionally.

Studying poker is like taking a high level course in math, human dynamics, and psychology all wrapped in one subject.  No one masters poker instantly.  Therefore, we tell new players the lesson that the best pros learned long ago: study but don’t stuffy too much!

Notice we didn’t say don’t study too hard.  You need to study hard.  It’s just that hard study is tiring and when you get tired, you need to stop.  It is a negative to keep studying; thinking that the stuff must be going in, when you’re tired.

What should you do when you’re tired?  Well, we spoke about going outdoors and about getting together with friends!  We can add going to sleep as well!  If option A and option B are not available and you don’t want to go to sleep, you can stream something on your big screen, read a book, cook a meal or bake a cake, or correspond online with someone from a country far, far away!

Play in Freeroll Tournaments

You need to play thousands of hands before you can say that poker comes to you instinctively.  If you also need to conserve your bankroll, freeroll tournaments are a great way to get experience at very little cost, even no cost at all!

Learn from Your Mistakes

The best athletes can remember every moment of a game or match.  Chess players can remember every move in a game weeks after they played the game.  You need to be able to remember hands.  At first, you might take notes.  Keep in mind that most hands are hands that you don’t stay in.  On those hands, your notes will be about your opponents and whether you can surmise what they have to stay in the pot.

On hands that you do stay in, you need to evaluate your own betting and analyses.  Notes are a great way to go over a long poker session. 

Having notes will also enable you to come to some conclusions about opponents.  You could meet up with the same players again if your most convenient time to play coincides with their most convenient time to play.

The Art of Enjoying Poker

Keeping poker in perspective involves staying within both your budget and your skill set.  It may involve playing at no cost.  It may involve playing in short sessions until you build up your poker stamina.  In the end, the goal is not only to win at poker but to have a great time playing.

Juicy Stakes Poker invites everyone who is not yet a player here to join.  We offer wonderfull online poker, the perfect milieu for everyone!


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