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Contrary to what many believe, Texas Hold’em poker does not have to be a complicated affair.  You can rely on a few basic poker tips and trust your intuition from thereon to haul in the pots.  Here is how you can win more hands of no limit holdem at Juicy Stakes Poker!

Build a Basic Poker Strategy Online as You Progress

More than anything else, holdem poker is a game of patience and endeavour.  Patience in the sense of waiting for the right holdings before you pull the trigger.  Endeavour in your attempt to play the game the best way you can.

To do that, you need to brush up on rudimentary skills like bluffing, knowing when to fold and when not to call.  Once you have that mastered, you have the makings of a basic poker strategy you can build on as you progress.

One of the best poker tips is to play poker online as often as you can.  That is the fastest way to get a handle on how things work.  Ideally, you want to start your online poker journey at micros stakes tables.  Better still, if you can initially play poker online for free, that can prove to be invaluable in the long run.

Here are a few practical poker tips to add to the memory bank.  When implemented correctly, they can help you transition from rookie to vet!

Best Poker Tips #1: Avoid Open Limping Like your Life Depends on It

Open limping is a typical rookie mistake.  It refers to the first player to enter the pot pre-flop with a call rather than a raise.  That is a mug’s move… and something you should conscientiously avoid.

All it achieves is at the end of the day is it broadcasts the fact you don’t have the holdings to raise.  It is therefore passive play and considered weak and ineffectual.  It also means you can’t win the pot preflop, like you could have had you raised.

Not only is it practically impossible to haul in the preflop pot… but the players behind you are presented with a distinct advantage – juicy pot odds.  The more opponents you need to face, the less likely it is you will win!

Best Poker Tips #2: Bluff Like a Poker Pro

Bluffing is a core component of playing winning poker.  The trick is to use deception with care.  If you bluff too frequently, it is the quickest way of depleting your chip stack.  The answer is to always bluff like a pro.

How do pros bluff?  Here’s a little secret.  The fact is that poker pros don’t use this tactic often at all!  They know the real money will come from value betting.  That is the opposite of bluffing.

What poker pros do focus on is situational bluffing.  In other words, they rely on the cards to dictate when bluffing is the best basic poker strategy.  A good tactic is to only bluff with holdings like a straight draw or flush draw – hands you can improve on at the turn or river.

The reason being that holdings like that are a safety net of sorts.  If your opponents call your bluff, you have something of value to fall back on.  That is one of the smartest poker tips yet and one that can keep your chip stack intact… for a little while longer, in any event!

Best Poker Tips #3: When Uncertainty Prevails, Fold

Know when to fold’em and know when to hold’em’ is as pertinent today as it was in the poker-playing heydays of the Mississippi riverboats like The Diamond Lady.  Folding is all about understanding expected value.  If you stand to lose money over the long term by calling or raising, it is time to toss in the cards.

Here is one of the more counterintuitive poker tips we will share with you...  Experienced poker players even fold good hands!  Whey they have an inkling they are beaten – they quit.  It is a waste of time and effort to keep on calling when your holdings are not up to scratch.

Not folding when you should and calling instead is a sure-fire way of burning through your bankroll.  The golden rule is this.  If you don’t have a clue whether to call or fold over bet or raise, what do you do?  You fold, of course… every time.

Best Poker Tips #4: Pull Out the Big Guns When an Opponent Shows Weakness

Less experienced players only tend to check with weak hands.  These are the holdings that typically fold against multiple bets.  When your opponent checks, you have the ammo your need to play aggressively.  You can reach for the proverbial ‘big guns.’

If you’re wondering why – it’s simple.  When an opponent checks on say the flop and the river, they are showing their hand… and not in a good way.  By their past actions, you can safely assume that their hand is super susceptible.

That means you can exploit the situation with an aggressive bluffing strategy.  That is a reference to the ‘big guns’ we have been alluding to, albeit of the silent type!

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