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If you think Three Card Rummy is for little old ladies, think again.  It’s a fabulously simple single deck game that’s got a whopping big bonus on the side.  When your FPP balance is low and your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus a distant dream, play Three Card Rummy – and here’s why!

Three Card Rummy – the Counterintuitive Card Game 

Before we get into the whys and wherefores, here is a quick refresher course of the hows – as in how to play Three Card Rummy at Juicy Stakes Casino.  It is a quick and easy comparative card game that is essentially governed by threes – three cards, three bet types and three possible payouts. 

Your objective is to get a points total that is lower than that of the dealer’s.  Say what?  Lower?  Who has ever heard of any card game where low scoring hands win?  What is more, the dealer only qualifies on 20 points or less – and that means there is ample opportunity to bank a few dollars here and there, even on high scoring hands.

How the Scoring Works in Three Card Rummy 

You now know the lowest hand scoops up the filthy lucre but how are the points derived in Three Card Rummy?  Here are the points tally for the respective cards, plus the hands that count zero, nada and nothing:

  • 2 to 10 – face value
  • Royal cards – 10
  • Ace – 1
  • Pair – 0
  • Trip – 0
  • Two-card suited run – 0
  • Three-card suited run – 0 

Three Card Rummy Bet Types 

Now to the really juicy part, the part responsible for driving up the total of your Frequent Player Points (FPPs) and by extension, the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus… and that of course is the bets.  As we have already mentioned, there are three available bet types in Three Card Rummy:

  1. The ante, which is the mandatory opening wager
  2. The optional bonus side bet
  3. The raise bet, which you may or may not decide to place depending on the value of your hand

Once you have placed the ante – and the optional side bet, if you so wish – you are dealt your initial three cards face up.  The dealer will also get three hole cards.  At that point, you have two options – you can fold and lose the ante, or you can raise by placing a second bet equal in value to that of the ante.

The dealer’s cards are revealed and the hand with the lowest tally wins.  What happens if the dealer does not qualify?  That will result in you being paid even money on the ante – and the raise bet will be a push.

Three Card Rummy Pay Tables  

What can you win playing Three Card Rummy at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Aside from the 1 to 1 winnings on the ante bet, the raise and bonus bets pay out according to the following pay tables:

Raise Pay Table  




4 to 1

1 to 5

2 to 1

6 and up

1 to 1

Bonus Bet Pay Table

Combos and Points 


Suited A-2-3

100 to 1


25 to 1

1 to 6

2 to 1

7 to 10

1 to 1

11 to 12

4 to 1

13 to 30

Lose bet

Why Play Three Card Rummy at Juicy Stakes Casino?

As promised, we are going to highlight exactly why Three Card Rummy is a great gambling proposition online.  Besides the obvious benefits of the side-bet activated bonus pays, the game is perfectly designed in terms of FPP earning capabilities.  Why?

Good Reason #1 – Best Way to Fund Your Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus 

In most casino games, you make just one bet at a time.  In Three Card Rummy you can make up to three bets per game round.  As bets automatically accumulate and count towards your FPP tally, you can get exponentially closer to your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus every time you wager on Three Card Rummy at Juicy Stakes Casino.

That’s our number 1 reason.  How about number 2? 

Good Reason #2 – One of the Lowest House Edges at the Online Casino 

Anybody who knows anything about online casino games is fully aware of the impact of the edge – the in-built advantage to the house which, in this case, is Juicy Stakes Casino.  The lower the edge, the higher the average return to player (RTP)… and that of course is what all good gamblers are looking for!

Is Three Card Rummy a low edge casino game?  You bet’cha!  In fact, the ante bet has a house edge of just 1.93% and that of course means the RTP is a pleasing 98.07%.  When weighed up against other casino games, that is pretty darn impressive. 

Here’s a list of some of the more popular table games you can play at the online casino, together with their respective house edges:

  • Casino War – 2.42%
  • Let It Ride – 3.51%
  • Caribbean Hold’em – 2.16%
  • Caribbean Stud – 5.21%
  • Pai Gow Poker – 2.86%
  • Tri Card Poker – 2.32%

Good Reason #3 – Three Ways to Win  

What is better than one hefty payout per round?  Three, of course… and that is exactly what you can win when you play Three Card Rummy. 

If your hand is a peach – and by that we mean a pair, three of a kind or a suited run – you can win even money on the ante; 4 to 1 on the raise bet and an eye popping 25 to 1 on the bonus bet, unless of course you hit a run of A-2-3, in which case you have won the 100 to 1 jackpot!

When you hit a winning streak playing Three Card Rummy, there is more money to spend at the online casino and more opportunity to boost the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and that’s a win-win situation all round!


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